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Fun on Ice

I got to act like a kid again last nite. Meet 9 yr old Andres, another SUPER COOL kid waiting to be matched with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

We were down front for opening night of DISNEY ON ICE at the Arena. Mickey & Minnie opened the show, and their car immediately broke down.

SPOILER ALERT: Mater & the rest of the crew from CARS came to the rescue.

Andres elbowed me and said "Those are controlled by computer programs!" Smart kid!!!

DISNEY ON ICE continues thru this Monday, Jan19. Tickets (starting at just $15 plus fees) are available at

Andres summed up the show in 5 words: "Those moves are physically impossible!" I agree.

You too can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a cool kid's life just like Andres. And you only need to give up a few hours every month.

Volunteer to be a BIG BROTHER or BIG SISTER today.

CLICK HERE for more info.

You'll thank me later!

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What an AWESOME Year!!!

THANKS for making it another AMAZING year on the radio.  Lots of great memories.  Here's a few of my favorite pics from 2014.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours.

I can't wait to do it again in 2015.



"Kids for Cash" directer Robert May at the WB Movies 14 premiere.  This important documentary and Oscar hopeful is now available on DVD.


Hanging with one of my favorite local TV people, WNEP's Sharla McBride.  We helped judge National Anthem singers for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders.  At this point, we heard one too many renditions!


March is WORLD FAMOUS for the Scranton St. Paddy's parade.  Even when people move away from NEPA, they always find their way back for the big parade.  This year I ran into former morning show intern Snuggy.


And while we're talking interns...check out Intern Ashley.  We brought in Clyde Peeling's Reptiland to help her overcome her fear of snakes.  It doesn't appear to be working.


At the finish line of the 3rd Annual St. Mary of Mount Carmel School 5K in Dunmore with Liss & Fast Freddie.  One of us could use some oxygen!


Celebrating the West Side Little League's 75th Anniversary with Olympians Stephanie Jallen & Jayson Terdiman.


Rollercoaster screams.  Big Brother/Big Sister day out at Knoebels.


Rocky & Lissa listeners getting FANCY for Iggy Azalea!


The WWE's The Miz in the KRZ studio.


Save the Boobies at our annual Bras Across the Bridge, Kirby Park, Wilkes-Barre.


Trying to impress WBRE's Jasmine Brooks with my giant carrot at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen.


One of the coolest & nicest people we met all year...Mary Lambert at "Let it Show".


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Penguins on the Loose!

The Penguins WERE on the loose this weekend when I took my new little brother, the ultra-cool Oscar, to see the Penguins of Madagascar at WB Movies 14.  What a fun movie & what a cool kid!

We started with some delish pizza at Januzzi's right next door.


"Just plain!" when I asked Oscar what he wanted on his pie.

And we had to hit up the arcade before the movie started.  This was Oscar's FIRST TIME EVER behind the wheel...and he did great!

Oscar is an AMAZING 8 yr old in the Big Brother/Big Sister program that is waiting for a match.  He LOVES school and is SUPER smart!

YOU can make a difference in a kid just like Oscar.  There are SO MANY on the waiting list at BBBS of the Bridge.

Why not volunteer today?

Click HERE to learn more.


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My Definition of AWESOME!!!

Look up AWESOME in the dictionary and this is what you will find!  Liss and I can't THANK YOU enough.  We had another AMAZING group of volunteers this year helping to do the prep work at the St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre.

We've made so many friends over the years.  And so many of you come back every year to help.

Thanks to the following businesses that helped out:
--PA American Water
--Harold's Pharmacy
--Timber Ridge Health Care
--River Run  Rehab & Nursing
--Cornell Store Front
--McCabe Mortgage Group


Jasmine Brooks & WBRE-TV and our Tiara Table superstars Madison, Cassie & Courtney.

Don't forget.  The St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen is ALWAYS looking for help.  If you'd like to volunteer, call the kitchen at 570.829.7796.  You can also drop off non-perishable food donations at 39 East Jackson St, in Wilkes-Barre.

And thanks again for giving back to our community.



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Congratulations, you're having a...DON'T TELL ME!

Carrie Underwood recently revealed how she found out the gender of her baby.  Instead of having her baby doc tell her & her hubby, she had the doctor write down the sex of the child and seal it in an envelope.

"[The doctor's office is] kind of a sterile place," Underwood explained to ABC News Radio. "We got to see all the pictures and everything. It was really cool to see that, but whenever she'd get near, near those parts we would look away."

Later that night, Carrie and her husband opened the envelope at a restaurant and celebrated.  Cool idea, don't you think?

Here's a few other GENDER REVEAL ideas suggested by our listeners.

--We are planning on doing a gender reveal with mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Blue potatoes under a layer of white ones.

--My sister just found out what she was having. She lives in Florida so she sent us a box in the mail and when we opened it there was pink packing peanuts, under that was a box with a blue Christmas ornament that said it's a boy on it

--I saw this one thing where you wear a white shirt and dip your hands in the color paint and make your hands in to a heart on the shirt

--Take the paper to a baker have him make a blue or pink cake then when you cut it u know the sex

--My friend had the answer baked into a cake. The cake was frosted pink and blue.  The only way to find out was to eat the cake.  We had a party & served the cake to get the answer.  It was a girl!

--the newest rage is gender reveal party

--I recently found out I was having another boy. So for my FB post to reveal the gender I had my hubby take a picture with one of his ties over my baby bump.

--If money is no object, I hear they can change the color of the lights on the Empire State Building!

And sometimes the gender reveal doesn't always go as planned!

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Let's Play with Sharp Objects!

It's the one time of year they let us play with SHARP OBJECTS...and YOU CAN JOIN US!

We'll be live from the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre Tuesday morning, November 25 doing all the Thanksgiving prep work.

If you'd like to help us prepare Thanksgiving for the 300+ that will be eating at the kitchen this year, contact me directly at rocky@985krz.com

You can stay for all or part of the morning.  And YES, kids are welcome.  It's a rewarding experience for ALL OF US.

Rocky & Lissa's Kitchen Crew
St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
39 East Jackson St, Wilkes-Barre (near Kings College)

Tuesday Nov25 starting at 6am

Bring kitchen utensils
Gloves & aprons will be provided

You can also drop off non-perishable food items.  We'd love to see your smiling faces while we broadcast live 5:30-10am.

And here's ONE MORE WAY you can help.
Thanksgiving morning the kitchen will be sending out hundreds of meals to the homebound.  If you'd like to help deliver, call the kitchen at 570.829.7796.

Thanks in advance for however you can help!!!



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The Ultimatum

This text from a listener caused a lot of talk on the show this morning.

Hey Rocky & Lissa!
Thinking of moving in w/ my BF. But he keeps promising to marry me & it's been 5 yrs.  I wanna say "no ring, no moving forward."  Is that ultimatum TOO RISKY? 

Remember the scene in "The Dark Knight" where The Joker gets interrogated?  That's what I think of when I hear the word ULTIMATUM.  It's the good cop/bad cop routine...but in this case it seems like there's only a bad cop!  If you have to shine a light in your guy's eyes to get him to commit, maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Here's what our listeners had to say about issuing an ultimatum.  
--I was with my husband for 7 years before we got married. I kind of gave up on waiting for him to pop the question and then it happened when I didn't expect it. If you love him don't give up on him. -Jess

--I think she should not give the ultimatum but she should stick it out for the three next holidays: Christmas New Years and Valentines Day. If no ring after that say goodbye and move on. You don't want to think did he do this himself or did i make him. -Crystal

--Agree w/the last caller that this relationship will never work but more because of their lack of ability to communicate w/each other. Does he know how important this is to her? Has she even expressed this to him? She needs to talk to the man she wants to marry instead of asking strangers for advice.

--I do not understand the lax attitude toward marriage by the woman that called in who had FIVE kids with the guy she finally married. Forget the "it's just a piece of paper" argument for a minute and think about it legally for a minute. God forbid she is inquired, in the hospital and unable to make a medical decision...he has no say. He's her baby daddy, that's it. Do the kids have his last name? If it's good enough for them why not her?

--If it was going to happen it would have happened? U can't force marriage or a man to marry you. But they should have been living together already? He's just stringing her along because no man likes to be alone but yet he's not being man enough to marry her? Get rid of him and move on. They’re on two different pages.

--Ultimatums are ridiculous ! Just live your life.  It's too short. Stop worrying about the small stuff. My god there's so many other things to worry about in life. Marriage should be the last.

--I just think they need to talk. If they don't both want the same thing then it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

--She doesn't want to give him an ultimatum because even if he listens and proposes it will only be because he feels backed into a corner. In that case he would most likely just keep pushing off the wedding at that point.

--I've been withy husband 9 years and I'm tired of telling him how to make me happy if he can't do it on his own.

--I have been with my man 24 years. He promised to marry me years ago and still nothing. It’s just a piece of paper.

--I told my boyfriend of 2 years that I wasn't happy with never getting married and he broke up with me.. because it wasn't what he wanted.. I would be careful with ultimatum.

--If she needs to give this man an ultimatum of we get married or we break up then that's the end of the relationship if you have to tell somebody to do something then you don't need to be with them isn't the point of dating to end in marriage I don't understand what the big problem is if you have to tell him you need something then just walk away

--Some men are scared and need that push.

--If he doesn't he want to lose her then he would make a commitment if he doesn't care then you just let her go.


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We LOVE Boobies!

Thanks for making our 6th Annual BRAS ACROSS THE BRIDGE a big success!  You helped to raise thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society & Breast Cancer research.

And even more than the donations, it was great to see our listeners come out to show support for breast cancer survivors and those that lost the fight.

Misercordia U in the house!

Our Pied Piper, Russ Keeler from the American Cancer Society.  Russ walked better in those heels than most women!

Save the Boobies!

I Fight Like a Girl!

Take it to the bridge.

$5 a bra to help save the boobies!

For Kristin and all the other amazing lives lost...we do this for you!

Thanks again for your support.


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Fall Fun with Big Brothers/Big Sisters

I hosted a Big Brother day out at Maylath's Farm in Sugarloaf on Saturday.  What a fun day!  Maylath's is a family run farm nestled in the beautiful Conyngham Valley just 30 minutes from Wilkes-Barre.  And the farm has everything you'd want for you & the kids to celebrate Fall: 

*Corn Maze

*Hay Ride
*Cow Train Ride
*Corn Cannon
*Pumpkin/Apple Slingshot
*Bounce House
*Delicious Farm Fresh Cider
*The BEST Sweet Corn I ever tasted!

This is my cool little, Keeshaun from Pittston.

Can you guess which one of us has never been on a hayride?

The search is on for the Great Pumpkin.

We found it!

Pumpkin slingshot = awesome!!!

Big thanks to Chris Maylath and the rest of the staff at Maylath's Farm for a fun day.

CLICK HERE to go to their website.

And as always, if you really want to have an impact on a young kid like Keeshaun, volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister today.  There is a WAY TOO LONG list of kids waiting to be matched.  In fact, 270 kids are still in need of a Big.  That Big could be YOU!!! 

CLICK HERE for info on Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 

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Powerful new video from ONE REPUBLIC

Wow!  Have you seen the new OneRepublic video yet?

If you still need a reason to LOVE this band, this is it!

"I Lived" tells the story of Bryan Warnecke, who was born with cystic fibrosis.  He's also a huge fan of the group.

And wait til you see the video's dramatic conclusion!

Powerful stuff.


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