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You Too Can Be a Marvel Super Hero

Captain America cleaned up at the box office again this weekend. That's 3 straight weeks as the #1 movie in the country.

I took 12 year old Jared to the movie on Saturday. No surprise...he LOVED IT!

Jared is another awesome kid in the Big Brother/Big Sister program waiting on a match. If you can give up a few hours a month, YOU can be a Big Brother or Big Sister. And you can REALLY make a difference in a young kid's life, just like Jared's.

Captain America has his shield. You can be just as powerful by volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Want more info on the program?


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Put Your Records On

The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl.
--Dave Barry

Last night I decided to reach into the bowels of a spare closet in our guest room where I store my LAST CRATE of albums. At one point in my life I had 6 oversized crates jam packed with albums from all my years in radio. Rock. Punk. New wave. Jazz. Blues.

Yeah I'm one of those DJ's. I played albums at my first radio job. Vinyl. Records. Black plastic with a hole in the middle.

And for my money, there's no comparison.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE digital music. It's portable. I take it with me on my bike, in my car, or when hanging out in the backyard.

But there's nothing like the look and feel of an album.

When I was a DJ at a little rock station in Parkersburg, WV, I used to do something my boss frowned upon: I raided the mail on the weekend to see what new albums came to the radio station. It was like Christmas every Saturday. The Police. U2. The B 52's. REM.

And I used to preview them on my Saturday show. Yeah, radio was a lot different in the early 80's.

Let my reminiscing be a reminder about what's on the calendar this Saturday: Record Store Day.

Our friends at THE WEEKENDER have done an awesome job previewing Record Store Day, and letting you know what local stores like The Gallery of Sound are offering AND what bands are appearing where.

Support your local record store. And pick up a piece of vinyl for your collection!


Vinyl is the real deal. I've always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don't really own the album. And it's not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.
Jack White

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Is It Just Me?

I like to use the self-checkout at the grocery story whenever I shop. That way, complete strangers aren't handling my food (it's a germ thing) or judging what I put in my belly. And I like bagging my own stuff. It's an organization thing. I'm really not OCD, but I do have some of the traits!

But am I the only one that can't figure out how those dumb plastic grocery bag dispensers work? It happened again yesterday. I needed ONE MORE BAG to finish. ONE MORE BAG. I could sense the person next in line getting frustrated with my grocery bag incompetence. Their eyes were like lazer beams piercing holes in the back of my head.

I was clawing and ripping, pawing and scratching until finally I was able to set a bag free from its metal prison.

There's got to be a better way!


Attention Bikers!

Finally! I finally kicked off the Spring season and went for a bike ride today...a very muddy bike ride. But if you mountain biking like I do, you know how much FUN mud can be.

One of my fave places to bike is the Back Mountain Trail in Dallas. It's well maintained. And if you time it right, you'll have the trail pretty much to yourself.

I'm always looking for new places to bike. If you're aware of any fun and challenging trails, please shoot me an email.

Get muddy!

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Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Greetings from beautiful Costa Rica!  What an amazing place.  It's a must if you are planning a tropical vacation.

Sue and I just got back from 6 days in the Papagayo region of Costa Rica.  Here's the view from the lobby of our hotel.  Not too shabby.

Our iguana friend in a tree just outside our room.

Ocean view from our room at the Occidental.

Sorry Dunkin, but Costa Rican coffee rocks!  We brought back pounds.

These guys were also outside our room looking for food.  They are a member of the raccoon family called Cioti (pronounced Quah-tee).

And yes, they are super friendly and super cute.

The Costa Rican countryside.  It was the dry season while we were there.

Hunting for crocs.

We found one!

If you think the roads in PA are bad, wait til you drive in Costa Rica.

Crossing one of the hanging bridges in a rain forest.  Check out our guide behind me...on his cellphone.  Think about that the next time you drop a call.  He's on his phone, IN A RAIN FOREST!

Natural beauty.  The Bird of Paradise flower.

Sunset at Monkey Rock.

This is a Jesus Lizard.  Why the name?  He's got skills.  When attacked he flees by running on water.

More wildlife.  Monkeys are EVERYWHERE.

A 3-toed Sloth taking a lunch break.

Our Iguana friend again looking for a handout.

Beach time.

My favorite part of the trip...Arenal Volcano National Park.  All it needed was a few Raptors.

So prehistoric.  There are hundreds of volcanos in Costa Rica but this is one of the 6 that is active.  It last erupted in 2002, killing 80 people.  Real Estate is cheap! :)

Take only pictures.  Leave only footprints.  Costa Ricans, Ticos as they are called, take great pride in their country.  Tourism is the #1 industry, and they aim to keep it that way.  That's why the rain forests and wildlife is protected by very strict laws.

It was an awesome, WAY TOO SHORT trip.  We're already planning our another visit!





Scranton Parade Pics '14

Say hello to over 100,000 of my closest friends!  The 53rd Annual Scranton St. Pat's Parade is in the books.

Here's a few of my pics from yesterday's craziness.

Chris Wallace at the Backyard Ale House for a bit of pre-gaming with Fishboy and I.

Remember this guy?  Former intern Snuggy

Fish is actually crossing his legs here.

This was the only part of the parade I got to see...the Bagpipers warming up.

Chris Wallace "Remember When"

"Keep Me Crazy"

What up, Boscov's?

She gets my vote for Best Dressed.

Big thanks to KRZ float sponsors The McCann School of Business & Technology.

Always insane rounding the corner near Kildare's and the Radisson.

Mark Hiller & Candice Kelly from WBRE grabbing a few pics.

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Globies Rock Scranton

Big thanks to Principal Leonard at McNichols Plaza Elementary School in Scranton for being GREAT hosts yesterday.

Lissa & I brought Harlem Globetrotter Bull Bullard to the school to teach the kids the ABC's of bully prevention--        ACT, BRAVERY, COMPASSION.

Bull had the 3rd, 4th & 5th graders total attention while he was holding court.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids to have personal contact with one of the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters.

Thanks again to teacher Sharon Volpe for entering the contest and especially Bull for doing such an awesome job with the kids.  It was a day they won't soon forget!


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Tap Water Isn't Good Enough

Jennifer Aniston feels that tap water isn’t good enough for her dogs, she only gives them $2/bottle designer water.

Crazy?  I deal with a similar situation in our house.  Sue doesn’t think dog food is good enough for our guys.  She insists on mixing in people food like ground turkey, hamburger or even rotisserie chicken.  She’ll even bring home a kiddie ice cream cone for them to share.

I’m not totally innocent.  When I leave the house I’ll keep music or Animal Planet on for them.  But that’s about it.

What kind of EXTREME THINGS do you do for your pets?

Here’s a few texts from today’s show--
--I bake my dogs cookies! They love the applesauce/cinnamon ones!
--I have to agree with Jennifer Aniston. A few years ago both of our dogs contracted giardiasis from the tapwater. I'm very reluctant anymore to give them tapwater that is not filtered
--My friend had a chihuahua that she won't let walk. She carries it in a little purse.
--My grandmother cooked her shih tzu steak and eggs for breakfast every morning. We got cereal or oatmeal.
--My chow-pom is 6yrs old--never even tasted dog food strictly what we eat she eats and once a week she gets a bath, blowdry & pedicure and litterly jumps in the tub and stays stil thru the whole procedure all the way til the french manicure drys!!!
--My aunt only feeds her dog oven roasted rotisserie chicken and it can only be Perdue, no other brands or kind plus only filtered water. She says the dog won't eat anything else. She's been going it for 8 years now
--My dad's girlfriend will choose her menu item specifically so she can bring leftovers for her dog when they go out.
--My uncle’s dog eats at the table and has whatever theyre having. Steaks, burgers, ice cream, he has it all. I dont think hes had dog food since he was adopted. 
--My dog does not eat any dog food. If we go to McDonald's, he gets a hamburger. If we make pork chops, he gets his own pork chop. He has a full wardrobe as well! Including a stroller!
--My friend buys frozen marrow bones from the grocery store- it's like a Popsicle but once it starts to thaw it looks like a murder scene
--I have a golden and on days i wear a head band or a tshirt his bandana matches me. We have to match.


Beads of Courage

Usually you see these guy skating, body checking and taking slap shots.  Today, the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins showed a different side:  bead making.

The Pens and their wives/girlfriends have teamed up with the Palermo Heart-to-Heart Foundation to host a fashion show fundraiser benefitting the Beads of Courage Program.

What a cool idea! 

Beads of Courage is a nationally recognized program that provides strings of beads to kids with serious illnesses.  Each bead tells a story of honor, strength and hope and represents a different stage in their treatment.

Pens players will wear beads on their jerseys during warm-ups of the March 14 games.  After warm-up, the players will put one bead in a baggie with a personal note of encouragement to a child fighting cancer. 

And the wives & girlfriends will sell special Penguins logo beads on the concourse to help support the program.  For a $5 donation, fans can get at bead for themselves, and a bead will also be donated to local program participants.

The wives/girlfriends are also hosting a fashion show April 2nd at Canteen 900 in Forty Fort to raise additional money for the program.  Keep listening to KRZ for info on this special night out.

Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond's wife Nicole

Tom Kostopoulos' wife Lisa.

Additional info:
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Big Brother Day Out

Meet 12 yr old Kaleb, a 7th grader from Plymouth.  Kaleb is one of many cool kids on the waiting list to be matched with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Saturday we checked out The Lego Movie at Cinemark.  We BOTH loved it!!!

Here we are getting ready for a head-to-head battle with the Giant Pacman game.

Air Hockey = good times.

Heated competition.

Who turned on the lights?

Kaleb is one of many awesome kids in the program.  He's kicking butt in 7th grade and is super polite.  And he's very competitive in games like air hockey & basketball.

Think you can spare a few hours a month to make a difference in a young kid's life?  Volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister today.

CLICK HERE for more info on how to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.


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