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Manic Marc
Weekdays 5:30am - 10am
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Rocky Rhodes

10/3 - Libra

Hometown: Hillsdale, NJ

Turn ons: Radio, Cleveland Browns & Indians, Ice cold beer on a deck

Turn offs: Lousy drivers, poor listeners, selfish people 

Most prized possessions: Laptop & iPhone

How did you end up in Radio? I wandered into the radio station my Freshman year of college and haven't left since.

Weekdays 5:30am - 10am
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October 25

Hometown: Lansing, MI

Turn ons: QVC models who fart on live TV, paper clips

Turn offs: Militant librarians, landfills that don’t have any used toothbrushes 

Most prized possessions: the outdated container of yogurt in my fridge – been there for about a year now. We’ve grown quite close and I’ve named him “Kyle”. BOY does he know how to party! Live and active cultures, huh?! Mister, you weren’t kidding!

How did you end up in Radio?It was difficult at first, but then I just squeezed in through one of the speakers. Now I’m stuck in here. And I really have to pee….. Dammit.

Weekdays 10am - 2pm

Ryan Seacrest

Birthday: December 24

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

How did you end up in Radio? After an accidental fill-in for a sick talent at Atlanta's pop station, WSTR-FM, Ryan was offered permanent  weekend overnights by the station owner, whom Ryan assumed was going to fire him for jumping on air. When he was 19, Ryan moved to Los Angeles. The rest is history!

Weekdays 2pm - 7pm

Jeff Walker

Birthday: June 11 Gemini

Hometown: Beverly, Mass

Turn ons: Babes in cut-off jeans and cowboy boots ...ripped abs...really good dancers...really funny people... successful, ambitious people

Turn offs: Negative creeps... lacking a sense of humor, bleeding heart liberals, laziness, cheapskates, muffintops with a half-shirt!

Most prized possession: Prowler sports car

How did you end up in Radio? I like to talk so radio seemed like a logical choice. So far, so good.

Weekdays 2pm - 7pm


Birthday: February 16 / Aquarius

Hometown: Cranston, RI

Turn ons: Tattoos, talent, live music, confidence, vibrant personalities, and hard core sports fanatics (especially Red Sox fans!)

Turn offs: Unibrows, carpenter pants, arrogance, negativity, posers, and Yankee fans!

Most prized possession: Photo albums ... i'm pretty much obsessed with documenting my life with pictures!

How did you end up in Radio? I've always been a talker and love pop culture, magazines, radio, tv, and watching the news... so I knew I wanted to work in some type of media. I studied Communications/Broadcasting in college, had a morning show on the college radio station, and interned at the big station on Long Island where I went to college. One thing always leads to another ... I fell in love with radio and did whatever it took to make sure I got noticed and got hired to work on the morning show ... and now ... here I am!

Weekdays 7pm - 12am


Birthday: August 8 - Leo

Hometown: D-Town, Dallas PA

Turn ons: Great smile and amazing eyes

Turn offs: Halitosis

Most prized possession: My Joe Montana Rookie Card

How did you end up in Radio? Ever since I was in Elementary School I wanted to be on the radio! In fact I was that guy who read the lunch menu and announcements over the loud speaker in school. The rest is history!!!



Saturday 10am - 3pm

Name: Manic Marc

Birthday/Zodiac sign: December 9th/Sagitarius

Hometown: Can’t say because I’m in the Witness Protection Program

Turn ons: Italians, Accents, $$$, Cute Laughs/Humor

Turn offs: Cheaters, Liars, Scary Middles, Bad Teeth

3 Best Traits: My Cooking, My Ability To Make People Laugh, My Charm…There’s a lot more than 3, but you’ll have to find them out on your own

Hobbies: Cooking, Gambling, Traveling, Gambling and more Gambling. And Yes, I know the number…1-800-GAMBLER! lol

Most prized possessions: KRZ and My Hair

How did you end up in radio? Rocky and Sue gave me a tour of the station many years ago and I barricaded myself in the station and wouldn’t leave till they hired me.




Saturdays 7pm - 12am


Birthday: May 26, 1976

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

I'm Romeo! I live inside Saturday Night Online! Who wants a sandwich???   



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