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Buble's "Baby" Announcement

Michael Buble and his wife are pregnant with Baby # 2.

What better place to announce this news than on social media?

I mean, that's what everyone's doing these days, right?

But what better way to do it than to let Baby # 1 handle the duty? Sort of.

Check out this so-adorable-it-will-make-you-melt Instagram video...

Noah has some news for to tell you ...

A video posted by Michael Bublé (@michaelbuble) on

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Just Like Grandma Used to Make? Not My Grandma!

The folks at BuzzFeed had an inspired idea.

They sat a bunch of Italian grandmas down and fed them some signature dishes from Olive Garden.

And the results were - well, exactly what you'd expect if you know any Italian grandmothers.

Check it out.

The first grandma - the one who asks "Who the f*** made this?" - is my favorite.

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Finger Lickin'... uh... Creepy?

There's a new Colonel Sanders.

Have you seen him yet?

It's actually Darrell Hammond of Saturday Night Live fame, playing Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, because the real Colonel Sanders died 35 years ago.

Check out the reintroduction of the Colonel from a couple of months back.

There's something odd and creepy about it.

Maybe it's the weird cackling he does - I don't remember the real Colonel doing that - or maybe it's pretending to be a resurrected dead man.

Give it a look-see - what do you think?

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When Will It Melt?

Even if you live in Hawaii, you'll remember the news stories about the horrendous snow storms that gridlocked Boston this past winter.

Getting rid of the 100"+ of the white stuff was a major problem, especially since every told the removal crews not to dump it in Boston Harbor.

Solution: push it all in one big pile on a four-acre lot near the Harbor.

And they did, eventually ending up with a 75-foot-high pile of snow.

And other things.

See, the plows and payloaders just picked up everything in the street, pretty indiscriminately. So the snow was mixed will all sorts of other debris, like garbage, fire hydrants, storm drains, manhole covers - you get the idea.

And here we are, July 8, in the middle of the summer, and the snow pile in Boston still hasn't melted completely.

It's still about 12-feet high, and insulated with all the debris.

So Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is having a little fun with it, asking people to use the hashtag #BOSMeltNow on Twitter to predict when the mound will finally melt.

Best guess gets a meet-and-greet with the mayor... But play the game anyway.
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So Bad, It's Good

That's what the message in my in-box said - "This is SO BAD that it's good."

David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox and Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots teamed up - again! - to sing a little tune for Boston-based Dunkin' Donuts.

This one's called "Turn It Up," promoting Dunkin' Iced Coffee.

For some reason, it sounds like Big Papi got the autotuning, and Gronk can't buy a note.

What do you think?

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"You Look Disgusting"

There's a video making the rounds in social media.

It's called "You Look Disgusting," and it features YouTuber and blogger Em Ford.

Three months ago, she posted a picture of herself without makeup, showing the adult acne that she's had to live with.

Along with images of that, she shared some of the comments people made about them, most of them talking about how ugly she looked.

Then she applied makeup and transformed into something more "socially acceptable," and showed the comments she got about those traditional "beauty" images.

They start out applauding her beauty, but then take a turn for the nasty with people commenting about her wearing too much makeup and how it's really deceiving.

Sad, really, that we can't accept people for what they are, whatever it is they decide that is.

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Wawa Says Nuh Nuh

So, strange things happen in New Jersey.

It's like a magnet for oddities.

But here's one you don't see every day.

A woman walked into a local Wawa convenience store in Delran, New Jersey completely naked the other day, and no one seemed to notice.

Well, the people in the store noticed, and they simply asked her to leave, and she did.

No one has video of the departure, but the arrival video is funny.

Check out the big guy in the black clothing.

It's like he doesn't notice her, but I have a sneaking suspicion when he raised his arm, he was snapping a picture on his cell phone.

What do you think?

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Miracle at Daytona

The Coke Zero Daytona 400 ended incredibly yesterday morning.

Austin Dillon, driving the number 3 car, went airborne in the final lap of the race, crashing into the catch fence.

Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt, and Austin walked away from it.

Absolutely incredible. The video's a little scary to watch, but when you know everyone's okay, that makes it a little easier.

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Impressive & Patriotic Too

Over the 4th of July weekend, the Boston Red Sox hosted the Houston Astros.

But that's not important.

What is important are the guests who dropped in during the singing of the national anthem.

Check out the US Navy's Parachute Team The Leap Frogs gliding into Fenway Park.

Pretty amazing video.

All-new video.The Leap Frogs jumped into the Boston Red Sox-Houston Astros game at Fenway Park over Independence Day weekend. Drop everything and watch it. Now. #redsox

Posted by U.S. Navy Parachute Team "The Leap Frogs" on Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Winter is Coming... to Wimbledon

Kit Harington - aka the possibly departed Jon Snow on HBO's Game of Thrones - was spotted at Wimbledon over the weekend.

And he's wearing his hair long, Jon Snow-style, making those who really don't want the character to be dead speculating that maybe Jon Snow's not as dead as he appeared to be in the final scene of the season finale.

Could it be?

Could Jon Snow we making a return to The Wall to kick some Night's Watch brethren butts?

Or could it be that he just likes wearing his hair long?

I'll guess we'll have to wait and see, right? While we suffer through all sorts of other signs and hints about his return or not...

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