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Next Year, I'm Watching the Super Bowl on German TV

This is so much fun.

Listen to these German announcers describing Von Miller's strip sack of Cam Newton that led to Super Bowl 50's first touchdown yesterday.

So much more entertaining and enthusiastic than the CBS broadcast team of Jim Nance and Phil Simms.

And even with the language barrier, enough English slips in so it's easier to follow than anything Shannon Sharpe has ever had to say.

Check it out. And be sure to check the channel listings for the German channel next year.

That's what I'm doing...

Meanwhile, you have to click on the link here to watch it. The NFL is lousy about sharing.

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Beast Mode Out...

While some of us were dozing during the Snoozer Bowl - I'm sorry, it just wasn't that exciting - someone else was hanging up his cleats.

Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, posted a picture of his bright green cleats, hanging from a line, to Twitter.

No note attached. Just the picture and an emoji.

Because Marshawn doesn't like to talk much. He even got fined by the NFL for not talking to the press not too long ago. His teammate Richard Sherman seems to have confirmed it's an official farewell for the man who invented Beast Mode.
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Odds Are Good You Had Chicken Wings Yesterday

According to estimates, Americans consumed over 1.3 billion chicken wings yesterday as a Super Bowl snack.

That works out to four chicken wings for every man, woman and child in the United States.

Not to mention the barbecue sauces, the blue cheese dressing, the hot sauces and more that come with the wings.

That's a huge number of chicken wings.

And that's not even counting the other goodies.

Have you taken your Monday morning inventory of everything you managed to wolf down yesterday?

While you do that, take a look at Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots, who was home watching the game like the rest of us yesterday, tackle some hot wings in a promotional video of some sort. It's just fun to watch.

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You Were Just Stung by a Hornet

A guy showed up at a Charlotte Hornets basketball game last week wearing a Denver Broncos jersey.

Loud, proud and orange, wearing # 87. That's Eric Decker's number, a tight end for the Broncos.

Charlotte is also the home town for the Carolina Panthers, Denver's opponents in the Super Bowl.

(In case you missed it, Denver won yesterday, 24 - 10.)

But, this Broncos fan learned the hard way that you do not mess with the Hornet mascot in his home nest.

Watch what happens. It's pretty funny - even if it was staged.

No Broncos fans allowed in Carolina! (via Charlotte Hornets)

Posted by Bleacher Report on Saturday, February 6, 2016
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Lady Gaga Does Lady Liberty Proud

Lady Gaga kicked off Super Bowl 50 in fine style last night with her rendition of our national anthem.

Gaga was decked out quite modestly in a glittery red outfit, almost white hair and blue fingernails - and I'm pretty sure one shoe was white, the other was blue.

Her presentation was just right, pitch perfect. Soulful, and just the right touch of Gaga.

She even added a bit extra to end on a high note as the Blue Angels soared overhead.

We salute you, Lady Gaga.

The NFL doesn't like to share much, so you'll have to click through this link to watch it.

If you didn't see it yesterday, take the time to watch. She did a terrific job.

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Steve Harvey Wins the Super Bowl

No, it's not another "Steve Harvey blew it" joke.

This is about Steve Harvey's T-Mobile ad during the Super Bowl.

By now, we've all seen the Verizon add with the colored balls coming down the chute to show how much better their coverage is than everyone else's.

Well, according to Steve and yesterday's ad, those numbers are wrong.

Those are last year's numbers, and this year, T-Mobile is doing much better, thank you.

I mean, it says it right there on the card, right, Steve?

This was one of the few good ads yesterday. So take a minute to enjoy it again, why don't you?

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"How Hard Is It to Catch a Prius?"

Okay, I get it.

The Prius isn't what it used to be.

It's got some power, it's spacious, it looks good, goes a long way on a tank of gas.

But to set it up as a getaway car for a set of bank robbers?

I'm sorry, I'm calling this Super Bowl commercial a fail.

What do you think?

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It's a Flying Fish, Naturally

A weather reporter (according to this TV account) was taping her reaction to an ocean storm on Barry Island off the coast of Wales when she got a surprise.

A wave broke over a wall, and a rather large fish hit her in the head.

It's a pretty funny video. She got knocked back but not down.

But people are questioning its authenticity.

Staged or not? What say you?

Catch Of The Day

Reporter hit in head by flying fish during weather report... #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Monday, February 1, 2016
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Jeff Dunham Picks the Super Bowl Winner...

You know it's got to be a little nutty in Jeff Dunham's house

The comic ventriloquist and his wife just had twins.

Like that's not enough - he's also got all those dummies hanging around.

The noises are not just inside his head, people.

Jeff got his housemates to sit down and weigh in on Sunday's Big Game.

Check it out - and enjoy!

All the guys give their picks for Super Bowl 50!... And I TRY to... #SuperBowl

Posted by Jeff Dunham on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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And This is How You Choreograph Live Television

Fox's broadcast of Grease Live was pretty well received.

But a lot of people don't have a full appreciation of the amount of work that goes into a production like that.

For every person on screen, there's dozens behind the scenes, making sure everything goes right.

Check out this amazing video that shows an associate director going through the paces callng the camera shots for "Greased Lightning."

Think you could do that?
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