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TV I Can't Watch Anymore

Shemar, you are HOT!  But I just can't take your show anymore.  I'll miss you!

Something has happened to my TV-watching sensibilities since I became a Mom.   I just can’t stomach the violence anymore.  It’s not that I’m getting all PTA on ya, the images in some of today’s very popular and mainstream dramas that I used to love now disturb me on a very deep level.  One recent episode of “Criminal Minds” I walked in on my hubby watching stuck in my mind for not days but WEEKS it was so horrific.  I won’t go on to describe it here, but lets just say a very cute 8 year-old kidnap victim was nearly killed in a horrific way.  Saved in time, thankfully, but my God I couldn’t get that out of my mind for a long, long time.  I now just flat out refuse to watch that show.  And I used to love it, solving the psychological mysteries of the criminal mind.  And Shemar Moore is hot!  So is Matthew Gray Gubler, in a nerdy sort of way.

Other shows I’ve scratched off my Mommy list:

I especially loved how they matched the music to the era of the murder – if it happened in 1981, you’d hear Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes” and other hits as they reenacted the scenes.  And how all the suspects questioned would become their younger selves for a minute while getting the 3rd degree.  And the ghost of the victim would come back smiling when the case was solved.  But then they had an episode where a father threw his little girl off a bridge.  That was it for me.  Even when her ghost showed up at the end to hold hands with her twin sister (sniff!)

CSI:  Miami, New York, Nanticoke, all of 'em.  Some of the murders are just too grizzly, especially that one they showed IN PROGRESS last time I watched it.

Law & Order:  SVU.  They specialize in bad stuff happening to kids.  Forget it.  And finally…

CNN.  I really didn’t need the 24-hour coverage of the guy who blew up his family in the house.  I was just tuning in to see if Romney beat Newt.

On the flip side, I’ve been watching a lot of Teen Mom.  A good hair-pulling trailer fight is about as much violence as I can take right now!

02/15/2012 11:48AM
TV I Can't Watch Anymore
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