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Retro Track Rewind Video Spoiler for 8/1

Does this kid look like anyone you know?  He immerses himself in hip-hop culture, not because he loves it or even understands it, but because it's trendy, makes him feel tough and irresistable to the laideez... In 1998 a pop-punk band from California dedicated a song and this music video to the "Wangsta" (wannabe gangsta) culture in the middle-class suburbs all across America.  Click here to see:

He's lucky all that happened to him was that he got thrown in the pool!

Identify the song artist and title when I play it on the radio around 11:20 this morning and I'll hook you and your crew up with free lunch from Wendy's, plus you'll get Arthur starring Russell Brand on DVD & Blue Ray.  Watch this video and you will know the artist and title, so you just have to try to be caller 9.  1-800-222-0985.

08/01/2011 11:03AM
Retro Track Rewind Video Spoiler for 8/1
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10/06/2011 7:21AM
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