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2,256 Pictures On My Phone

I wanted to pick just 12 to show the evolution of Savannah in her first year.  It ended up being 13 pictures, including the one taken at her first birthday party.  These had to be pictures I hadn't posted before.  I wanted to show you what I've been up to while I've been completely slacking off on this blog over the past year!  

It's hard to believe this tiny 2-week old who could sleep on Daddy's forearm grew into the relative giant she is today!   

 She had bad baby acne for about 4 weeks!  I was really concerned and was told not to worry, it was normal for a newborn to be a little pizza-face.  And not to, under any cicumstances, put anything on it!  It did clear up, just in time for her to get cradle cap.  But that, thankfully, was only for a week.  Oatmeal shampoo and Aquaphor took care of that, in case you ever need to know.

She'd had facial expressions before that might have been smiles, or might have just been gas.  This was, without a doubt, a real smile.  This is still the picture that pops up in my phone when I get a call from her daycare.

 She got her first teeth at 3 months.  Here she is cutting them on her bunny rabbit, her first favorite toy.  Notice also the cute little chrome dome -- my baby went bald, save for a little peach fuzz!

Her first solid food was rice cereal at 4 months.  By then she already had her two front teeth!  This little girl won't have a problem getting in her 3 squares -- what an appetite!  Thank God she's tall!

 The October picture was taken at Hillside Farms where we spent a perfect afternoon visiting the animals.  The sling I'm carrying her in is called a Moby Wrap, and I highly recommend it. 

My mother was taking care of Savannah that day, and changed her into the "Demon" onesie.  Better her than me!  The Demon was custom-painted on the onesie by my high school friend Kris, who is slightly left of center. 

Savannah's first Christmas was a social whirlwind, and she loved it -- all that attention!  Her teenage cousin Nora wouldn't put her down.  BTW the bib says, "I'm On The GOOD List."

We celebrated Daddy's birthday by taking off work and piling into the car for a trip out to Lake George, NY and a mini-vacation at the new Six Flags indoor waterpark.  Savannah had so much fun, she loves the water!  Daddy's been taking her to swim classes at the Y since she was 6 months old.

My little Snow Princess.  She was completely fascinated by that late February 8-inch snowfall everybody else was complaining about!

I am REALLY in trouble when she gets old enough to know what those store credit cards are for --  I can see it in those blue eyes!

I picked her up from daycare and one of the girls on the afternoon shift, Nadine, had put up her hair for me.  I had dropped off a baby that morning and picked up a little girl in the afternoon!  She's going through a phase now where she'll pull out anything you try to put in her hair, but this was fun while it lasted!

 And there goes the first year.  1 down, 17 to go, Daddy!  I can't believe it.  She's crawling all over the place, pulling herself up and cruising, standing on her own, even taking a few steps with help.  She climbs up -- and sometimes down -- stairs (one of us is always behind her.)  She pets her kitty cats and gets excited when she sees them.  She laughs and smiles -- a lot.  She dances by bouncing her whole body to the beat.  She says Daddy, Mama and "that!"  (usually while pointing to whatever "that" is.)  She uses a sippy cup and is starting to feed herself with a spoon.  And she very much likes story time before bed. 

Sometimes I feel like she's the only thing I did right.  And if that's true, that would be OK with me.

06/10/2011 4:14PM
2,256 Pictures On My Phone
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