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Kelly K

Kelly K's 

Baby Gaga

HEY!  Do you have a little one who'd look cute in one of these?  The idea for these graphic onesies popped into my head when I first heard Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."  (EVERYTHING reminds me of my baby girl!)  SO I told my ideas to Gaga's promotion rep and her people LOVED the idea.  Had a bunch printed up -- in sizes 6, 12, 18 & 24 months (they run big, Savannah's 11 months old and is wearing the 6 month size.)  I want to distribute these onesies to the members of my daughter's generation -- Generation Gaga!

WANT ONE?  Hit me up on my brand-new Facebook page and friend me with the message that you want one, and what size you prefer.  I'll add 20 people a day till they're all gone.  One thing, you gotta promise me you'll post a picture of your little one wearing it!

04/18/2011 4:16PM
Baby Gaga
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04/19/2011 9:27AM
Hey Kelly i like the onesie i want it for my god baby she is the cuties thing and i think her father would love to have it to her size is 6 so if you could tell me how to find you facebook page so i can try and get one
04/19/2011 12:36PM
Ka-ching! $$$ Great idea! Where's the link to your FB page? :)
04/19/2011 1:37PM
LOVE THIS!! I think the cuteness filter on my computer just exploded! :D -Lissa
04/22/2011 11:10AM
Wendy Minor
I would love a 6 month onesie for my Granddaughter Sophia. I think it is cute and her parents would love it. Thank You Wendy
05/17/2011 9:48AM
I would love one for my grandchild to be but cannot locate your fb page.
02/13/2013 11:58AM
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