ROCKY & LISSA: Unemployed Clowns

Friday, May 19th

The Ringling Bros Circus has its final show this Sunday.  What's next for the clowns?


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Feeling like the voice is in the air and tell them to deal. Point five. And some big news this weekend. I'm sure you guys been following this story these circus comes to an end on Sunday. Ringling Brothers after a hard earned 46 years there last performance and a Long Island. Sundays through their ship and off all the animals. Do we know what happens some clowns to think they're moving to Dallas Pennsylvania either did I wish they were the Oklahoma. That would a little awesome a little clown community in the background right down in my book of great ideas out clown house. But where there's just. Sounds like animals go to a refuge Bryant plans flat not usual rank as the AM they're gonna be homeless in a couple of days now a place to go and they're going to be unemployed. What's an unemployed clown to do Beltran one car. Right no obvious job search he put into the I don't know are you learn first and I'll follow your heart and a menu. Is an excellent question now and I feel bad for the ringleader lady because she was. The first email when he called remastered ever ever initiate the word like a month later oh ending the circus altogether yeah super sweet Wright issue is on our show in the circus that the arena yes a couple of months ago for your hired a by the way your fired up my show the the gig is up.