ROCKY & LISSA: Defending Strawberry Kit Kats

Thursday, May 18th

Liss attempts to defend the new Strawberry Kit Kats


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Let's I don't let these guys. Point five. If you really miss yeah your. Can I enemy when I get super excited for the new Oreo cookie flavors. Yeah because you hate anything is not the classic round bull ring like why are you distinguish candy because I get really excited for different. Candy flavors when they do it a different take on the classic like the new Eminem thing Mercedes super stoked about how do you feel about that. I did involves two and about overall board the pants and I guess it's because I've found I'm just. I don't like when they mess with a good thing else better with Coke when they screwed up coached an all these companies think well we need to mix it up a little bit you know we needed rules have been here and some sparkly things. Any it I like variety Friday is beautiful they still have a classical and available eye and losing is because it. At Wal-Mart I found yes strawberry chit chat and cherry cheesecake Hershey bars now and I over the moon don't I just put a photo on Jersey. He's got that's so fitting then they won't even be on the shelf longer than two weeks as hot as are gone the strawberry kit Kat it's phenomenal. I mean give me a break she. Greg with a strawberry kit Kat now I just that I. Sound right and I both so boring now now Terrmel I don't wanna break and we keep working your case I don't want strawberry I like at the missionary position. They're not this case they are non like the same thing now when now now now that's not that's not the case but. Why change you do things you got something good if he'd even improve. Consume it is stupid talk with you can't talk to him right next to you if the chocolate and strawberry turn down yeah. Patrick again. You drive me crazy it says here's a third shut off to new things when the opening is break their. Q how we should go get some chicken wings later would chocolate sauce that have been great it's a new thing. I would try it. Duke tried peanut butter and jelly wings and you loved them so don't win tonight yeah that. Couple years ago we have some here for happy hour no no way it's ever happened your memory doesn't extend petty driving you weren't excited Ole. You guys because regular wings weren't good enough they've got to come up with a new gap labor. Let me be excited about these pieces now. Now you know what my different countries like I'm here this is what I understand they're excited they're like British uneasy look so good I tell you see me and I think. I and you won't change again can you say from rumor time yeah extraordinary success star Ricky pet. Your recent. First it yeah.