Thursday, July 13th

Lissa revealed on the show how she got her head stuck in a bannister when she was 9 years old.


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You list them on that. Point five JR IC. Now we have an ambitious is talking about this earlier we capping them over the weekend in Virginia. He had twelve year old girl that was playing hide and seek firefighters are called in. To rescue a little girl who got stuck inside a sold fun fire crews Telus to twelve rural girls were playing hide and seek. When one and got folded up in a sleeper sofa. And wasn't strong enough to get out the girl's parents weren't home at the time so they called 911 for help. And once they arrived it took about two minutes for the fire crews to get the little girl out safely thankfully she wasn't hurt and doesn't do well. Nobody at home I mean. It's the first time we reported someone stuck in a so yeah I'm embarrassed them with death warrant peers. Still the story and her co host. I think you're scrutinized too because you think twelve years old you'll not to be left home alone. This happens once you get second or so for once isn't. So like OK no yet may we re just rookies get up and down a bit maybe you're right it is twelve. Borderline riot started be left telmex well all right but if we would have done something like that I know my mother would have been like OK I thought you're ready you're obviously not ready and here you think it. I got this game if I'm gonna win really nice on the alternate. Hiding spot a pet she won them and then she popular tunnel again. Stuck in a couch when I was nine I got stuck in the band boosters of my outdoor porch like Fiat going down the steps it was just like an episode a full house where the kid puts that. Head through the banister and then are your leg got stuck my head gossip or having family over a family reunion and I was just so excited to see my cousins I. My head to the thing now it's. Sort of make you worse as a second there more families showing up in its more and more embarrassing like my grandparents are coming in their like tiny wires to keeping your head in the bin eastern only thinking room and that's what I was still mad. Rose is we have to relax and you can't because you start yes start freaking out yeah I think you're really stocked and the more you try you know. Cooler than yanked in Iowa. Allegra I was a regular anyway. So did you get out on your order you dad had TU I forget how we took the top spot he took the top really knock okay he slit me out how things are better today and think about it or are bad. Yeah he was hot he's like how it didn't that's so stupid. I got in major trouble for that there once they knew I wasn't hurt you know that's fine. Can learn a lesson don't do that.