Wednesday, September 13th

Jon Meyer from WNEP was on with Rocky & Lissa to give an update on the status of the #ScrantonTrain featured Sunday night on HBO's "Last Week Tonight."


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Rocky Elisa we did. Game mornings on 98 point five KRC. And still quite a buzz. Over what happened on Sunday night and John Oliver's show on HBO last week tonight he must Scranton. He really does where he pulled back the curtain to present a sprinter with these big old train. Flew all odds list. Other friends of love lost. So this disaster. He started airing on the talkback calls people who's calling about the trade in the backyard trainers named Dave who they love did floors they were complaining about it and so you have to have dug anything in talkback in Scranton. Got a lot of attention. Over that little train in the back he's. You can't like put out there making funny you guys I just think it's cool that you're suing to this train so here's our real training can really be in Su and so we're all like we need this training immediately. And so we have John Mayer on us right now from WNET and now what is the status where is the train is it honestly what's going out. All this grain right now is all boxed up and warehouse new Jersey's. Okay and couldn't I tweeted out the pictures of this ukrainians in its box and it doesn't look very Gloria great now we'll. It's confused I didn't know that was like at WNET OK Susan Jersey summer Italian Jersey of course Twitter limited me on the number of character you're playing an old story. Danielle golf packed up. We're gonna get it it's just trying to figure out the logistics that are now all right. So it's coming do you have like any date that we might expected in northeast PA name. Well we're hoping this week. That's our goal is to get effectively now than the big question is what are we gonna do with you and where you were still trying to figure that out they'll. Now let's set a great idea yesterday weren't talking about does that. Maybe it should be on display. Hurt everyone to enjoy instead of just being their liking your lobby your something in any T like some public it's it's it's it's do you have this is an amazing thing. If it really is incredible and and you're right I think it needs to be somewhere where people can see it and one thing that was talked around I don't know prick can work out would be the Bloomberg fair would be a great place there you go US and look upon the people would get frisky affair right. That's a great idea it's not gonna fit in our backyard you know that's that's your there's no way it's good fit there I don't even know that you know built for the whether or anything like that. I thought out of a show it just with the incredible. So where you were you watching Sunday were you watching dollar show Sunday night were people. You know taxing your tweeting at Europe. I woke up with a bunch of tap on my phone. You know ON GU runs on our hands and of course when I Hedo attack my heart dropped that I don't know. Hi I'm mark then he's the usual or is it something else right. To that I watch it and you know I thought maybe they may just Clayton Cochran called again but and it just kept getting better and better and better. And then we all know when that curtain opened our jobs dropped the yeah well we thought about strain. It's incredible and they really your attention to di tale is so specific. And the knowledge of of Grande do and then I did you know that they have them on the staff at the right kind of hurt he's probably leading that effort. But you go to fifty that he felt like that big time power that I electric city signed that I've got a product it is it really if it. And some end game is not to do whether in front of because there's really no way you can write. I don't I don't think so yeah I can't see that we're gonna give it to do that. But it needs to be prominently displayed some. Agree all right we got the exclusive right here possibility. Bloomberg fair and a couple of weeks. Who knows where we're all right still trying to work out but he took what we are. Working hard our best to get it back to northeastern puke if we found out. All right we'll keep us posted OK we certainly well current and they just lets you later John Mayer familiar any pay there's this year. There's a status since the train. I'm very guess that would be great idea yeah if your how many thousands of people go to the fair and isn't this in jurors go stared as strange as I did today as a fan the train Lashley spinach or even. TV night classless thing. Do it again. And skinny man right there trip.