ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Man Bun Intervention

Tuesday, September 12th

Rock visited his son in Ohio this weekend and was surprised to see him rocking a Man Bun!  Should he have said something???


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Yeah I'm 98 point five I. Hi Jason help guys mentioned a couple minutes ago hours and now obviously my son Dylan yeah we're asking how we as I say he's great except for. For one thing what happens one thing. I don't know I should've said something or maybe held the intervention. When I first saw him on Saturday Rory picked him up fur we're gonna go out for dinner. I'm his head be ready for this season tossing you know I'm. Would you like you guessed. Fedora amend gone. Now follow. Snow road kill me I looked up I can only grow person and I like a ninja see that I know it's I think you're saving. I didn't I take him on a lark and there it was I'm shocked that you. And you really love your child's you said nothing I you know I hates it since criticizes look and I were to judge in guides his sister's. Ha ha ha passing a fan I hope for. We were at the the bronze in full game on Sunday and there was a couple from Pittsburgh sitting next to west ham and the woman was posing for photos with my son sending into her daughter. Because she thought he was it. He looked like the guy from from Hamilton. The Hamilton guy because he's got that same kind Lennar and yet I got to see that he's got the facial hair and now. I'm old but I'm not wow okay when he writes of the hit Broadway musical he's allowed to have man bundled. Make that rule for an all you have to say something do it may be given another minute like he said maybe surpassing thing but if he shows up your house for Thanksgiving with Amanda and it better go down via con now. And others that later. I can go now is there are places you can go like other parents survived a man Byron I'll dial pirates of the parents get together yes we just kind of talk it out because like Aaron on that bond and on our ideas. But I think if you're the parent of a child with a man bunker that you said some things Ortiz let's let it go is like. This is a fan is Swanee what is it 26 now between now I'm not saying all right I'm almost thirty and got a man by now something has to be applied to these standards always standards he's still a teenager up until he's thirty I believe you have is that is not living at home he's not living in his right now he's got knocked him now since he's projecting to Princeton.