ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Labor Inducing Methods

Wednesday, May 17th

What was the off-beat labor inducing method that worked for you?


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Yeah I'm 98 point five I. Talk about ways to induce labor than what actually. Worked for you are girl Tracy do right Monday with her little baby girl. And also has Saturday in the baby also managed not should do until monuments that I went any nation Clinton is new series. Fed the baby I have no retirement plan this is. Yes one I think senator for a long and 21802220985. And Katie tell us about castor oil does this were free. Yeah I semi sunny month ago and I drink I tried I like everything possible and finally the last thing I try to victory kaptur well yeah. And three hours later I had Easter egg contraction and the many hours after that I had my up. How so many people suggest castor oil would doesn't it taste just bloody awful. It's really weird I put it in Orange you connect it like whitbeck. It was strange animal now all but I don't think it's changed I wouldn't recommend it and they can that the lack. So obviously Castro when other ideas is dried. I'm like found saying right stairs my XE LE Joaquin. To work on that. I like it never everything you could ever match as with the last resorting to ballot bay and I Wear my hand and it worked I was so surprised. Regulations on your little baby yeah. That's awesome that's that's high analysts assume that yes they're just coming on very careful as far as the amounts afraid of making duty on the delivered well.