ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Honey Crisp Apples Rule

Thursday, February 16th

Here's ONE THING Rocky & Lissa can agree on:  Honey Crisp apples rule the apple kingdom!


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Yeah. Five and months ago I turned you onto one of the joys of life that would be easy honey crisp apple honey crisp at the bet. They're so good right nearly doubles anyway my green is on my face my 4017 saint annual number on stick out pretty seventeen is our life and you like now now now now. I don't listen to your new life right there the new number one by UK are you can't throw any apple. Up next to the honey crystal Seve Texan said good morning any huge Friday Cortland apple that they are so good enjoyed. It's census stuff because the courts and a little jeeves green may have to look look at it could take this get off my court to a little tiny latest Gould Cortland just to see. The you know what you know with the writing is all about. OK it's like the bastard child of the Macintosh. It's an Oscar it's a lack an arduous for the hybrid. It's just it's it's not whether illegitimate kids what it is and it's just the Macintosh it'll. That's right now though we can't just rip on her and be like knowing you're wrong without knowing. Today. Let's try the teacher I'm going cones in Los nothing will come cause is pretty I don't know Giuliani crisp. There's no doubt that there's a variety I say I was a green Smith guy whom I was all about gala apples they're decent OK until I had my first and he crisp. You're right there isn't anything to shame and I'm a snob now about Apple's I think. Signing Chris I don't want you can be snobbish and when he comes and honey crisp really can. There's so good and they're only available at certain times so when you see them it's like manna from heaven. Is there any grocery stories like bushels a lot on our way into load up. A you can get you won't priests are here.