ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Best/Worst of The Grammys

Monday, February 13th

What were the BEST & WORST moments of last night's Grammy Awards?  Rocky & Lissa give their take.


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I'm ready plays five KE RC technology back in the Grammy Awards last night. The best and the worst of the show 180222. Or Manning five. You can text us carriers see with your comments to seven to 81 what was the best moment. What was the worst moment for you less. Bruno Mars prince tribute to the best. Hands down ninety. Cameron if Marcelo at the very end. Tonight we sure did right shredded it how people can shred it prince's guitar solo did you realize how difficult that in the choreography in the boys and everything's dances plays there's nothing even close and talent to learn my worst you want your best for stick. Deposited and given a gift. My best moment and you see Bruno Mars it wasn't a surprise once I heard that he and Thursday were gonna do I was really surprised that it was was a great moment right but I was most surprised. Which I wasn't expecting this and I liked it was Lucas Graham in that country check. I don't Reno arena yeah this great doing Peter Pan seven years it was kind of a cool mash up and up blue anyway I'm not a country fan but I just liked. Those voices together agree and and kind of a little different take on seven years a little bit yet that that half that's surprised me that's when that was my best moment and I. I'm with you and I didn't know her for madam I knew her name from the country ruled on our country and I literally melted in the NF. Ballerina but to power but did the arrangement of the song yes cool because I had to rearrange both songs and yeah I agree with you there is close you look at these nice guy would wreck that whole band that athletic show any. Deserve to be there and they were so sweet. Yeah how about that two of our latest show performers represent all last night with with Lucas Graham being nominated and yeah forming. And then death winning a grand. We chain smoker (%expletive) right very cool are in my worst worst moment. And I'm preparing for the hate mail looks at north coming it wasn't the Metallica moment I was mad about that and still mad about that they still say I still enjoyed it yeah I so enjoy the performance. Beyoncé. I didn't enjoy that whatsoever you're not alone at its height. There was a lot love and hate for beyoncé there's the people that like her does matter what she does there always going to be a big chance the F. I don't get that I'm tired and tired of battling down to Dion I like she's the queen and she walks out and we're now where they were now where the. Yeah and a dress like the mother Mary like are we supposed to act like it's a religious experience every time we just CU. Do anything. And can she just do like six minutes on. Know every time she three times yet the new twenty minute half the lemonade album for real and you've got a brief singing voice are you talking this is spoken word portion of the show I did not enjoy that whatsoever. And yes I get this she's talented but sometimes there are things that I don't get but I understand why people like the like Pink Floyd I'd never connected with that can't but I get a car Kirk. I don't get it please explain it to me and I swear to god my friends in the media corporate tending like they all want it. Aren't buying yeah if there's a way I could hook you up to machine and tell if you are truly enjoying something I didn't 90% of you would have to admit that you did not enjoy the. You wanna be shamed because you don't I like his were supposed to love it and you'd say yeah I'm not knocking her as a person or as a talent she's talented and I am with you got it. My worst moment of the night. Was the the target commercial since early returns to. And little yachting and and nearly seven minutes plus seven million. Her show it was bad enough they hyped it all my life as I. Really are they gonna perform on the ground put what they keep teasing coming soon coming through through every every commercial break and then the seven men their dancing with the target shopping. And I like target. At a time I thought well I think twice. Was finally go to polls today and trying yeah. It kept going on in I'm in 190 filmed the commercial when I'm watching.