AUDIO: Yoga Pants Ruining Environment?

Friday, March 17th

Are yoga pants ruining the environment? 


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Our yoga pants Berkeley what you would where he yelled god. Or lounging on the couch okay yoga pants are thicker than my things and typically on the pants have flared. A flared legs rather than on your findings that your skin tight I have a feeling is that the story would pertain to leggings as well. By yucatan's can have Indies like type lake I'm liking. But there's just thicker. Let's not complicate this I got and yoga pants no there isn't another big in my eyes god Uga can't ask the simple quite well. Yoga pants can be worn with out ensure that covers your bot. Leggings need to be worn with a dress or tunic that covers your behind in theory. Now that's the rule of thumb. OK but what I'm saying is not every woman follows that rule of thumb. According to a new report released yesterday yoga pants are destroying. The end of fire meant how sell because. The micro fibers in yoga pants break apart and I actually sometimes. Sometimes they are a part I seen women in Wal-Mart looks like they're breaking apart right there at that moment diet but they they break apart. We knew wash them. And then the water gets flushed into the system it ends up in the ocean and these little plastic particles which is what yoga pants made else. End up in seafood. Which of course you can imagine what it does especially oysters I'm not an expert but. That seems like you're really far stretched well you're in luck because I happen to be an environmental expert myself to call Mary snow. They start recycling paper here work in print on both sides here in environmental expert. Everybody has the start somewhere Amanda. So there you go there is the lesson today involving yoga pants and.