AUDIO: What Would You Do?

Friday, July 14th

Jeff accidentally left a HUGE tip ... and asked for it back! What would you have done? 


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So kind of an embarrassing restaurant situation for me let me set the scene Oreo I was out of a very well known and popular Scranton restaurant. And I was having dinner with a friend she graduated college. And did it later in life is so we know we wanted to go out there and I wanted to congratulate her and and get caught up I haven't seen around awhile. So they brought the bill around at the end we didn't bring up much of bill forty box known as drinking and ask no nobody was drinking. Salt Iceland a hundred dollar Bill Lynn. And the waitress takes a comes back and we were sitting outside and enjoying a nice summer night. We got chatting after she came back finally she needed to get going I needed to head back to the Wilkes-Barre area. So I'm about halfway to wilkes-barre traveling down 81 and it occurs to me. All of my dog I never took might change. And I'm thinking. Okay forty dollars I just effectively left a sixty dollar tip on a forty dollar meal and right. And I thought I can't go back now in besides I've traveled to far to turn around and go back and fear not hurt and for an do you want to give up. A 150%. Tip your self do you I mean not typically but you're already you know so I see you're gonna fight me on this one already. So I remember when I was leaving the restaurant I looked in my rearview mirror and I saw my friend still parked in front of the restaurant making calls on her phone so I Colorado and I sit here for you still there. And she said I just pull out now I said oh my god I explained what happens great and she set all I know the owner well. I'll go in and explaining get your money. And made her geared dirty word yeah I'm dead. So you haven't heard go back in and saying sorry you know not huge tip that you thought you just talk. On hold on I said leave her 30% tales. Blues like come on let's face it we're not in Hollywood. I think any waitress or waiter picking up what what and a forty and I cannot assume they forgot the service is always good there it's Lugar is a modest. Not as well say word as I love that restaurant and she went in the owner saw my god no problem that you know that's happened Sunday until I am from that servers pocket but this pop pop pop pop pop pop.