AUDIO: Walker Gone Wild - Slow Drivers

Monday, February 13th

Jeff goes off on people who ride in the left lane. 


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I it's just walker and welcome to walker gone wild. I read it very interesting study a couple of weeks ago about who is the most dangerous driver on a highway it's not the guy speeding in fact it's the person driving slow who insists on remaining in the left handed passing lane. We all encounter those people you writing right behind them thinking move. Oh come on. Move as if they're going to hear you. And they don't move and I can only think of three reasons why this happens. Number one the person up ahead of he was old. And has no idea at all how fast or even going or even what lane therein all they know is they escaped from the house and they're going somewhere. Number true. There one of those people that everything is based on principle you're not supposed to be exceeding the speed limit someone gonna sit here and prevent anybody from doing so. The third possibility years. There are a major a hole. They're miserable and they like to make everybody else around them miserable specially the ones stuck behind them. Listen you can drive any speed you want just stay in our right hand lane. Don't worry I'm a friendly guy I'll wave as I blow right by you. If you wanna comment email league Jeff walker at 985. KRC. Dot com thanks for listening to walker gone wild.