AUDIO: United Airlines Drama

Tuesday, April 18th

United Airlines is in the news again! 


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More updates on that disastrous. United flight from last Sunday night of course the guy is suing. Like did you hear that every passenger on that flight. Thought everybody did their money yes and you know all those passengers are now thinking the same thing damn white in my book first class. No I was getting a refund I IC people joking on FaceBook saying you know my bank account could really use getting kicked off a united yeah right. And this is not a joke but united has posted a job opening not a joke in their public relations department. Here is what it sells the listing says quote the pace is fast to our standards are high and the opportunities are bottomless. You know what they probably you know on the offense they must start like Mays may first yeah let's start yesterday yeah let's start two weeks ago please for the love of god start two weeks ago. That's incredible meanwhile United Airlines we'll see what it's like the work there. Welcome T United Airlines the airline where it's always about the passengers. Good morning and thanks are flying with a us. Unfortunately. I've just been informed we don't have quite an offer meals on board that is nine hour flight salt buyer random choice we decided not fat guy in the brawl on TV we'll have to start that I had earlier than expected yeah. United Airlines we're quick to correct any issues and of course it's always about the passengers. Attention I just been informed that bathroom facilities were not empty to be portrayed golf. Which means we've randomly chosen euros and fifteen and sixteen and seventeen to hold it and it. I'll try to give you a heads up on turbulence. Isn't always about the passengers. Dads even extends to the completion of the united linings. Welcome to Miami. I'm then told the cabinet is a bit messy so we've chosen a man enrolled fourteen feet or remained behind and Heidi elbow bent. You know I it's always about the passengers. Isn't that right sir. It's. I'll welcome the united is.