AUDIO: Unicorn Frappuccino

Thursday, April 20th

Jeff + Amanda try the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino ... and are not fans of the limited edition treat! 


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Jeff in a man. Eight point five JRZ. The unicorn Franklin chino ya I don't think it's very scientific when you say it has a ping Powell or rent it. I don't think that would taste yeah I don't think the FDA with tight okay as long as it's a pink power. Okay it looks like cotton candy line drink whip together it's pink and it's Lou. Not that I didn't. It's not. Still is yes. I'm a god that everything else. It's out and then kind of creamy in a weird way it is not solicit let me not out here and I love Starbucks rapid she knows. It's a well. On the bigness that wow this pig crap here this hour and not know why it is that pink insulation your propping erratic. You're taking more I thought I can't believe I thought of by Douglas brought in further I hit the blues stuff it's weird I was kind of hoping it would taste like cotton candy and it doesn't. The blue stuff I think as a cleaning solvent people adds to our wow.