AUDIO: Tighty Whities

Friday, September 8th

Tighty whitey ban?! 


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Many many many people do fold their underwear put them in very neat rows and their drawer and a few freaks even iron them first. So you just read something really off. Go on text. She said I'm a female I pulled mine according to style but while we're on the sub jacked a little PSA can you please tell all of the men out there. That tidy why these are not acceptable and they need to be replaced immediately with another son ill. I thought guys in the stain Ager would be a little sharper and not even think about buying tie these IDs a tiny light he is not like a boxer breeze but not have like a bikini cut know what it's usually like pains or BDD. They come in like a three pack horrified pack and make up a little flat in front you take a left handed pull flap to the last note the boxer briefs no and then there's another in a slap that you pulled to the right. And Jack in the Box springs out do you follow me now kind of but it is a similar style to a boxer brief it just has like a bikini cut. Well yeah that makes it a bikini not a boxer brief right all right let's commands a white pants you know what. No it's not like a panty at all it's a masculine look and I guess is great if you're a plumber or you're gonna be in the dark all day working new evidence plumbers nothing against plumbers I'm saying be practical but if you're going to be entertaining a woman that night pop don't show up in okay is that it's not date and I underwear all got now besides you really want her to figure out the whole flap system. The that's the last thing you want at that moment confusion.