AUDIO: Lodged Glass

Friday, September 8th

A guy had a glass stuck where?! 


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This is one of those stories that begs the question. How the hell did that happen last week a guy and China made news. When he got to drinking glass stuck up as but once he waited two days in life. He waited two days before he decided he needed to go to the hospital. Well he wouldn't tell them hollow high. Don't how did he function virtue today easy force seeking help. I don't know here's my thought process on going to the emergency room for embarrassing things they've always seen worse. You are never your worst thing they've seen so just go get help. However this was a what's described as a mobile all glass like what you'd serve old fashioned then. Very wide to three inches in her. Three inches tall and keep in mind and he somehow walked around. Two days. A boom hey hey. And sat down hot and sat. Dead now we're now all by. God's seriously. And then doctors were afraid to pull it out with him because they were afraid it would shatter pull and it was lodged clearly because he couldn't a thing. And now everything was lodged at that point. Didn't so here is what they did they opened up his abdomen. And went in that way there's a front door to the back door.