AUDIO: Jeff + Amanda Talk Drive-In Movies

Wednesday, July 12th

Who still goes to Drive-In movies? 


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When we began talking about drive ins and why do so many people still golf. I honestly thought the number one thing people would say would be nostalgia. You think back on your childhood than. But it is for me that's what it was. Well now it wasn't that for me I I can't lie I went maybe 56 years ago because the girl I was seeing wanted to go. I think it was nostalgic for her. I thought OK we'll see a movie will be in the dark you know we get comfortable and in my car. Try that out don't we can't be that way I didn't mean by getting comfortable I mean you can't stress Jon and theater you know or. Is this rim blinked in lean down and get your lawn chairs and enjoy from outside would you even cooler outside swatting the mosquitoes. All right are any other reasons coming in context we haven't heard a lot of it has to do with it being cool for the kids they can play in the jump rope and you know played ball late and after the movie starts I remember correctly don't they have a little playgrounds and many of these drive in swing reasons and things like that a lot of people like being able to bring alcohol which I'm not sure if it's against the rules are now I know call it and. We've had endless phone calls involve the alcohol so we were mentioning the Oak Hill drive in which is well was legendary in this area. They showed porno books and everybody calls it the stroke hill drive in so you can bet you spend. We have I would Camille Pin don't. You did well yeah all of what you are with those have been my dear well. What year is this a man. Albeit with a long time ago. No in 1964. Now did you on the war we did yeah the oh my god. We got a live one on the line only in northeast PA I wore out good. And that well we went. Or are used to watch the point now when. And you know what back then I'm sure you will long remember this you did now bucket seats who had the long bench seat which made it easier oh yeah and well listen thank you for calling in about your well up.