AUDIO: Getting Naughty at McDonalds

Wednesday, May 17th

Police are looking for a couple who got naughty inside a McDonalds dining room. 


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Boy this is a bizarre manhunt. It's happening and she proves very Pennsylvania. They are looking for a man and a woman. Flew back in March this happened back in March re. You were in a McDonald's. In the restaurant part sir for you're supposed to sit and have your happy meal now. They really made an happy meal they started going out. Liken romantically twisted way in the McDonald's dining room yeah. Does that thought that a. They were all the way to third base when an employee noticed what was happening and called the police target at a big Mac. You're turning in a may I now it's so sick. They've identified the guy. As a thirty year old man named Conrad John Lackey but they can't figure out who the woman is and they don't know where either one is that the moment. But they intend to apprehend these two can you even he handled the fact that they must have watched it this surveillance tape. 400 times to identify him. I. What the dining room area looks like get mcdonalds plus. About how at any given moment there's many. People there absolutely. It's not the most hygienic place then the benches and seats are hard plastic. Can't you're in public and this is surprising but witnesses in that McDonald's dining room saying it was still only the third most disgusting thing they deserve a cut.