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kNOw Bullying in West Hazleton

What a GREAT way to kick off the week.  Lissa & I were live from West Hazleton Elementary/Middle School to help spread the word about their "kNOw BULLYING" program.


That's not a squirrel, that's the W Hazleton Wildcat.

That's our new buddy Brandon, a 7th grader that makes sure some of the younger kids don't get bullied.

A few of the awesome signs saying "kNOw Bullying!"

Mugging for the camera with Principal Podlesney.  I wish my Principal was this cool when I was in middle school!

WNEP's Ryan Leckey with 5th Grade teacher Tracy Wisdo.

These 2 8th Graders belted out a little bit of "Mean Girls".

Some of the 1000+ students and teachers helping to spell out kNOw BULLYING on the baseball field.

And as a special surprise for all the kids:  Above the Poconos Skydivers!



Pretty impressive, huh?

If you want to play "Where's Waldo?", Lissa and I are part of the hyphen between W & H!

Thanks again to teachers Tracy Wisdo & Renee Careyva and Principal Podlesney for inviting us.  It was a memorable day!!!



10/01/2012 2:10PM
kNOw Bullying in West Hazleton
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10/02/2012 11:04PM
Thanks Rocky and LIssa
Big thanks to Rocky and Lissa for coming out and sharing a special day with the Students and Teachers at West Hazleton Elementry Middle School!! I know Brandon was exicted to meet you both!!! We ♥ you guys :) Alicia Bolish
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