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kNOw Bull in our School

Earlier today I was a part of the "kNOw Bull" anti-bullying rally at Wyoming Valley West Middle School in Kingston.

What a GREAT group of kids!!!

The 5th thru 8th Graders signed a pact to take a stand AGAINST bullying in their school.  These kids GET IT, that it's NOT COOL to bully another student.  And they kNOw that it's OK to say something if they see another kid getting bullied.

Aaron Fink & Mark James Klepaski of Breaking Benjamin were amoung the featured speakers.  They both told me they have no problem getting up in front of an arena filled with 50,000 rock fans, but were a little nervous talking to the Middle school kids.  Aaron & Mark both admitted that they were bullied as kids and reminded the students that it's OK to be different.  Great job guys!

Aaron & Mark from Breaking Ben

My message to the kids?  There are only a handful of teachers in your school, but hundreds of you.  Look out for one another.  Speak up if you see someone getting bullied.  All of us at KRZ are fans of what you are doing.  Keep up the good work.


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11/14/2012 5:03PM
kNOw Bull in our School
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11/14/2012 6:14PM
Hey Rocky, (:
Thank you Rocky, the assembly was amazing!(: & you made it even better. (: your awesome.!(:
11/14/2012 8:48PM
You guys have a GREAT school. Thanks for having us.~Rock
11/15/2012 10:24PM
Thanks for coming
Thanks for coming everyone that came made a difference in the school we can finally be one again thanks Rocky~ Stacy Allen
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