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how can I possibly top THIS?!

As I continue my search for fun NEPA-related initiation activities, I am both shocked and STOKED by how many awesome suggestions I'm getting! But I hafta say: I don't know if anybody can top this one.... I was contacted by a very cool guy named Chris who's an instructor at Pocono Raceway. He offered to take me out for their Stockcar Racing Experience!!! Whoa....600 hp Stockcar + 160 mph = Happy Lissa!!!!! Um, YESyesyesyesyesyesyes! I have a feeling that this outing is definitely gonna make our Top 5 - even Chris said (and this is direct quote), "yeah, nobody's gonna be able to top this..." Hmm, something tells me he's right.

But keep the suggestions coming - we need several! I also got an email about CBK Mountain Adventures & Camelback, which I was already planning on hitting in a couple weeks so I'm REALLY looking forward to that! We had Megan (from Camelback) in the studio last week and she totally rocks. If you wanna come with, email me. Maybe we'll even get together a lil ol' group outing! And I might coerce my parents into doing the zipline with me if I don't end up going with a bunch of friends. My Dad would definitely welcome the adrenaline rush - he just told me last night that he's planning on going skydiving in a few weeks.....gee, I wonder where I get my lust for danger. Actually, to be fair he's also responsible for my lust for Cheetohs, but "danger" just sounds so much cooler ;)

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07/28/2010 8:49AM
how can I possibly top THIS?!
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08/02/2010 3:04AM
Stephano Stuhning
You should take all three pics in the same exact outfits now.
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