April 27, 2016

Check out new music from Drake , Twenty One Pilots, and Zayn! 

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Tuesday, April 26th

Hot Picks 4/27/16


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Discover new. If an Eddie boy's five KRC. I've got guys try to resist or how music regular ninety point five KRC hag you've got Jersey objects we feature three break news on its review to be able to check out and leave eight car. Comments when we're done what your favorite games really that simple we did get off to win the Canadian rapper and Drake you returned to his new album reviews from six but I just a few days has struck in April 29 straight into the silly season has this new tracks including summer sixteen have pop style plus our first Jersey object this week he teams up with whiz kid and Kayla and one day it's your first Jersey hot pick this week don't forget you can listen all the featured tracks -- -- -- topics below to get to our next one hot ticket comes from a Danube. Drove sales records here in the US the fallout stressed out and off their debut album to pop radio you get these guys like June 19 in her seat this is 21 pilots and they're second single. From the album Lori case. It's right. Your second Garrity topic this week check out all the sides look guys we get to our final topic for the week breaking away from what dean the former director was back with a much skepticism when announcing he was going so well. Same certainly silence his critics his debut album. Mind of mind and coming up his first single hello John. Which went all the way to number one day looks to continue the momentum would his second single like I would. And your final care see how big this week but wrapped it up guys this week's edition Garrity hot fix make your check out all the below and leave a comment on your favorite we love your feedback. Let us know what song you like best handed so next time make a great week.