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You are all LIFESAVERS!

As I was biking around Harvey’s Lake yesterday morning, my thoughts drifted to where I was 3 years ago.

It seems like yesterday, yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

July 1, 2009. 
I was recovering at the Geisinger Heart Hospital following my heart surgery.  When I finally woke up from surgery which happened the day before, I had no memory of an entire day!  How could I have lost a day?

“It’s Wednesday!”, I remember my sister saying.

What the Hell happened to Tuesday? 

I was freaking.

That was the beginning of 4 weeks of recovery before I returned to work.

Again, it seems like a lifetime ago.

Was that really me feeling like I was 75 years old after my surgery?  I could barely walk to the end of the hall at Geisinger without getting short of breath.

And now I’m pedaling in the hot sun on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Medical science is simply amazing.  And I am forever grateful to my surgeon
Dr. Casale, my PA, all the nurses and the other specialists at the heart hospital.

I will think of you all every July for the rest of my life.

You are all LIFESAVERS!!!


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07/01/2012 7:10PM
You are all LIFESAVERS!
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