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Wine & Boobs


We got our fill of wine & cheese this weekend @ the amazing Fork & the Cork event @ the Woodlands. And I also learned that I've been mispronouncing the Belgian beer Hoegaarden all these years. Hoegaarden has always been one of my faves, but beer lovers, it's "Hoo" and not "Ho"!  So the next time you order a "Dirty Ho" ask for a "Dirty Hoo" instead.  It now sounds like something Dr. Seuss would drink!

Lots of our friends were there including Lisa from IGourmet, Trish Hartman & Ryan Leckey from WNEP, Chef Kate Gabriele and Jeff from Ketel One (Diageo)

        Trish Hartman & Ryan Leckey from WNEP

Look who we found...KRZ Cruise Winners Sharon & Justin



Katy Perry was the musical guest on the premiere of SNL.  And her boobs were again the center of attention following last week's Sesame Street nonsense.

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09/26/2010 2:43PM
Wine & Boobs
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