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Why I Run

Saturday I’ll run with my buds from the NF Endurance team in the Jersey Shore Relay.  It’s a marathon broken into 5 parts.  I lucked out and only have to run 4 ½ miles.  Training has been tough with the miserable weather we’ve had the last 2 months but I think I’m ready to go for it.  My goal?  Finish ahead of Snooki.  I leave from a place called Gee Gee’s in Manasquan on the shore.  Ever been there?  Is it a pizza place?  T-shirt shop?  Strip club?  I’ll find out in the morning.

I run for a reason, and my reason is a little girl named Meadow.  You’ve probably heard me talk about her before.  Her Mom Lisa is one of our biggest fans, or she might be a stalker, I’m not sure.  :)

Meadow suffers from NF (Neuro-fibramatosis), a disorder that causes tumors to grow along nerves and can affect the development of bones and skin.  Click the link to learn more.

Little Meadow is a true inspiration.  She’s been through many surgeries in her short life.  Someday she will either host a show on the Weather Channel or marry Chester from Linkin Park, or maybe both!

Whenever I feel like I’m about to hit a wall while running, I look down at my NF bracelet on my wrist and think of Meadow.  Suddenly my aching legs don’t feel that bad.

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04/14/2011 9:49PM
Why I Run
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