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Why I Avoid Buffets

Have you heard about the new $17 million buffet that opens Monday at Caesars Palace in Vegas?  This behemoth is 25,000 square feet…almost half the size of a football field!

I cringe just thinking about it.

Lissa and I held a buffet debate this morning.

5 reasons why I avoid buffets:
  1. The food is left out.  Who knows how long it’s been sitting there?
  2. I hate serving myself from dishes that have already been picked over. 
  3. I don’t like touching the same serving utensils that 50 other people just used.
  4. I feel like a cow that is grazing in a field.
  5. All of the coughing and sneezing makes me ill.
And some of you actually agreed with me!

Here are some comments from the Text Club--
Pro-​buffet but I only like timbers at Mohegan Sun.

The difference between a buffet and a restaurant is, that the restaurant keeps the food away from the guest view. You can get food poisoning more in a restaurant than you can in a buffet because health regulations are more stringent with buffet for their temperatures.

I like the variety as well. I like to try several new items without having to pay 50.00 and i have 4yr old twins boys who love crab legs at the buffet. PRO BUFFET.

There are germs at any restaurant, but with buffets it's the kitchen staff, wait staff, AND customers. You don't have the added customer nastiness at sit down restaurants.

Normally I agree with Lissa. Sorry Lissa, I agree with Rocky today. Buffets are gross. The food sits out forever!

I find most buffets to be questionable... but I do like hamburgers at Mohegan Sun.

Anti buffet! I can't stomach the thought of large sweaty people belly bumping me in line and brushing their gross hairy arms against mine as they reach for the utensil I Just put down. I haven't been to one in years. My exception: cruise ships. Things are spaced well and monitored plus they have servers at most stations

ANTI! I agree with everything you said Rock, plus I hate the unattended children running around grabbing with their hands or pushing past you forcing you to nearly drop your plate.

Just went to Dreams Punta Cana. They squirt you with hand sanitizer on the way in to the buffet. Make this a law in the U.S!

Hate them. I hate to see people touch their faces, nose, sneeze and not sure they wash their hands then touch the utensils to get food. Yuck!!

Anti, it's too easy to overeat.

I'm all about buffets! Let's go!!

Buffets suck!  They are for obese people that can’t control their portions and especially the buffets around here have several violations. You can check out restaurant violations online

Rocky I'm with you. The people at the buffets make me sick

I was pro buffet but after hearing Rock's points....he might have swayed me to anti!

Pro buffet.  I'm a culinary arts student and if food safety guidelines are followed than buffets are beneficial to restaurant owners and the clientele they serve!

Anti buffet .... Helps aid in America's obesity... People eat a lot more at buffets bc they want to get their money's worth

Was pro til listening to your 5 reasons now you got me thinking!

Pro Buffet.  The food is ready, they give you plenty of choices and you can have as much as I want.

Hate them!  I went to one last year and the guy in front of me used his fingers to taste the food. Gross!

Going to Vegas in 2 weeks for vacation and to get married. I am def going to check out this buffet. Buffets are great!! Tons of choices for a great price!

I used to enjoy the buffet experience until you just talked about those spoons and now I'm grossed out

Pro!  Don’t be a pansey.

Are YOU pro- or anti- BUFFET?

I’d love to hear what you think.


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09/12/2012 10:37AM
Why I Avoid Buffets
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09/12/2012 1:24PM
My major issue is with the serving spoons that 150 other people just touched! Ugh
09/12/2012 5:36PM
why i dont like buffets
Never have. Never will. To add to that list. I dont eat much to begin with so when all that food is out there that really doesnt even mesh with each other Id rather be served one entre and not have a choice. I actually lose my appetite at buffets. Just sayin!!
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