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Jeff Walker

Who has the messiest office? I swear, we do!

Amanda here . . . I freaked out on Jeff last night after the show because he keeps messing up our office and turning it into a pig pen! A disaster area! I clean up, organize everything, and do routine tidy work and he just throws things around, leaves piles of paper everywhere, and can't even take a SECOND to CLOSE desk drawers and cabinet doors. It's driving me CRAZY!

Is there any possible way someone else shares an office with someone who is more lazy and unorganized? If you can top this pig pen of an office, I'd love to see you try. Send them - Amanda@985krz.com


That's Jeff's desk. Huge, manly, nice huh? It's too bad there's crumbs all over it, outdated papers, and cold 2 day old cups of coffee on it.


The desk in the corner WAS mine, but that computer was slow, so I moved to the other smaller desk. Now Jeff leaves all of his CRAP on THAT desk too. He claimed it as "his" since I stole the tiny desk. Yes, i've been outnumbered 2 large masculine desks to one tiny computer desks.

OFF 002

And these are the infamous doors that Jeff can't seem to be ABLE to close. They DO close. It's not like they are broken. He just prefers to leave them open. Again - i'm about to have an anxiety attack over this. How hard is it to shut the doors?! It's just a bunch of JUNK inside anyway!

10/27/2009 11:33AM
Who has the messiest office? I swear, we do!
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