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Fishboy's Blog 

When your woman falls for a bartender!!!

Hey Fish! Need some help! Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I went to the bar with her friend’s. All night her and her friends flirted with the bartender. That part didn’t really bother me they were having fun and I get that. I mean me and my girl have a very strong relationship so that’s not really a big deal to me. But when the bartender brought or check to us at the end of the night he bought the last round and handed my girlfriend his number right in front of me. The worst part is she pocketed it right in front of me like it was nothing. I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to create a scene and I’m a pretty confident guy and her and her friends were messing with him all night. So really it’s not his fault. But shouldn’t my girlfriend have told him I was her boyfriend or at the very least thrown the number away. Am I being paranoid that she might be thinking about cheating on me?    



03/01/2010 4:49PM
When your woman falls for a bartender!!!
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