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What Guys Shouldn't Wear


Here's the complete list.  If you have anything to add, leave us a comment.

*How about t-shirts with the oh noooooooo guy on it??? "
*"Uggs, thong, insect glasses (the one's Snooki wears), lmao :D"
*Jean shorts!!  Get a nice pair of cargo shorts.
*Shirts with dumb sayings
*"His wedding"
*"I know some people like this but those tight jeans.... "
*Polos with collar popped... no one looks good like that fellas!
*Socks that are pulled up to his knees. lol
*Socks with sandals
*The pants that zip off @ the knees into shorts. “Hi, 2001 calling, it wants their pants back!!"
*Flip flops
*Wife beater
*Dirty Sneakers
*Anything with Star Wars or Darth Vader on it!! Nothing says you're not getting it MORE than a giant black helmet!
*Briefs- gross.. Who invented them?
*Anything Ed Hardy
*Sweat pants !
*Worn out shoes - dirty underwear or dirty socks. I can go on and on.


Here he is, America's newest multi-millionaire, Chris Shaw.  The convenience store clerk from central Missouri is the winner of the 10th largest Powerball jackpot in history:  $258 million!!!

Think he's going to Disneyworld?  Ok, maybe.  But the first stop better be the dentist!

04/23/2010 2:01AM
What Guys Shouldn't Wear
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04/23/2010 6:02AM
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01/05/2011 4:57PM
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