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Jeff Walker

We're easily amused . . . not sure whether to laugh or cry

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03/30/2010 1:27PM
We're easily amused . . . not sure whether to laugh or cry
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03/31/2010 1:03PM
OMG...Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How can she think she looks good?
03/31/2010 2:55PM
I think if you decide to do a remake of "Muffin Top" you need her in it. OMG!
04/01/2010 11:56AM
Lets all be nice. She is a stupid teen trying to impress some stupid boy. We have all done stupid things like this. It is good to see her with high self esteem even if she is not using it correctly.
04/02/2010 6:11AM
i think i may know this girl. if it is the girl i know she is just not getting any better. she was big since i knew her but she always thought she was the sexiest thing alive. and that she was this awesome cheerleader but no one ever saw her uniform it wouldn't have been very attractive anyway.
04/06/2010 5:41AM
So u said..u dont know whether to laff or cry at these..whats sad is some are teens and just like they have been reposted here..when its out there..its out there for good. i would be mordified if one of my teens did this..but then again..they would not have a puter iwth a web cam in their room
04/06/2010 10:18PM
So u said
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