985wkrz: @CodysPromDate soon that's all I can say. 😜
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Jeff Walker


All you have to do is be caller 9 when you hear Jeff or Amanda say the word "UNWELL" between 3 and 7pm today (April 1st) only! Good luck! :)

04/01/2010 11:08AM
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04/01/2010 12:20PM
dog can that be legal but that girl that was piercing her cats was arrested & prosecuted? She claimed that was artsy...I think they're all nuts! dogs & cats or any animal should not be getting piercings or tattoos just becz their owner wants them...let them get them all they want
04/01/2010 2:18PM
Lori Vlassis
u guys are too funny! I thought the meowing cat and underground water park of other years were good but this is great!
04/01/2010 2:37PM
I've been trying to call but to no avail. I realized this was an April fool's joke. My daughter did one for me today. She told me she was pregnant! :( but I caught it on time. I've been listening your show at work and it was hilarious when people would call so upset. But, at the same time, it showed how compassionate people feel towards their animals, or animals in general. Great joke! Have a wonderful Happy Easter! Great show!! Take care, Mary
04/01/2010 2:50PM
Busted this is the first time I fell for your april fools joke and it was good! When folks start worrying about marking animals they forget that throughout the years farmers and ranchers have marked their animals with branding, tagging, and so on. You touched a soft spot because where I come from animals are just that. Good joke jeff ya got me good this time. I am looking forward to next years joke! I am the guy that delivered the coca'cola to ya a few years ago when you was pissing and moaning about the broken fridge and no cold drinks, it was a 12 pack, then ya met me again when I hauled ass up from easton to do the chair thing at lackawana stadium. Amanda gave me the tickets to the penquins game. I have been listening to your show since I came here in 2000 and ya alls are doing great! KEEP IT UP!
04/08/2010 4:59PM
I still think that Rocky, Sue & Psycho had the best joke with the baseball movie quite a few years ago. That was so awesome! Amanda & Jeff you come in a close second with last year's water park prank. I didn't know what was going on, but I was in the area of the hotel and when I seen all the people lining up and talking to the KRZ guy I found out the joke was on them. This year's wasn't so great. Try harder next year.
08/06/2010 6:20PM
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