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Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen

Wow!  I can't believe it's November already.  And it's almost time to be talking turkey.

It's been a tradition on KRZ for nearly 20 years to pitch in and help at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre.

We always put together a team of volunteers to do the prep work at the kitchen the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

If you have never volunteered before, why not make it a point to join us this year.  It's an easy way to give back to the community.  And you'll have fun at the same time.

And if you can't give up the time, why not make a cash or food DONATION to the kitchen?

Here's how you can help-->

98.5 KRZ Kitchen Crew Broadcast with Rocky & Lissa:
Tuesday Nov 20  5:30-10am
(Stay for all or part of the morning)
Volunteers are also needed to deliver meals to the home bound on Thanksgiving day.

Non-perishables are ALWAYS accepted.

Donations for Thanksgiving:
Frozen turkeys and pies.

St Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
39 East Jackson St.

Want to volunteer?

Space is limited, so email us today.

We would LOVE to have you be a part of this very special broadcast.

And THANKS for giving back to NEPA!


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10/31/2012 9:17PM
Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen
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11/01/2012 11:22AM
Volunteering at the soup kitchen.
I have 2 children who are home schooled so this is a perfect opportunity for our entire family to give back to the community, my son who is 8 said "we are so fortunate to be able to sit down and eat a meal when ever we want why doesn't everyone who is as fortunate as we are want to help?" My answer was some people have the time others don't Count my entire family of 4 in to help the kids may be little but they have huge hearts and will help anyway they can!
11/01/2012 2:03PM
LOVE your comment. We'll save 4 spots for you guys. Please shoot me an email ( or click the link in my Blog. We're asking volunteers to stop by no earlier than 6a. The kitchen provides aprons & gloves. Feel free to bring knives or other kitchen utensils for you guys to use. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. And THANKS for getting involved. You're teaching your kids a very important lesson.~Rock
11/06/2012 10:10AM
volunteering at soup kitchen
My 7 year old son and I would love to volunteer and help. I think it would really be good for both of us and he is very eager to help. I do work until 3. would you need help after that time?
11/06/2012 12:01PM
Family Support Coordinator For PA Virtual School
Hi Rocky, We are scheduled to be at the soup kitchen at 6:45 am however, we were told at the soup kitchen we are not allowed to bring children under 14 years old. Can you please confirm this because this may inhibit us coming. Kim Salerno Please respond
11/07/2012 10:15PM
Hey Volunteering!
3pm is too late for us, but why don't you call the kitchen? They would love to have you guys help out. Check my blog for phone & address. Maybe you guys would want to help deliver meals to the homebound on Thanksgiving day?Thanks again for wanting to help!~Rock
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