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V Day is Complicated Enough!!!

We had a listener ask for some Valentine’s Day advice.  Her plan?  To wait until Valentine’s Day to break the news to her guy that she was preggers.  This is something they both wanted to happen, but he still doesn’t know.

And yesterday morning we debated…is this a good or bad idea?

My take?  DON’T WAIT!!!  Why withhold this information?  Put yourself in the guy’s shoes.  Wouldn’t you want to know IMMEDIATELY?

Sure, it sounds like a cutesy idea to surprise your guy on Valentine’s Day with some funny little Baby Daddy card, but what’s the first thing that he’s going to say?


Don’t do it.  Valentine’s Day is a special day for YOU ladies…don’t cloud it with the baby news.  Keep that special on a separate day.

Your thoughts?


Depends if they discussed it and wanted a child. She should use her judgment--she knows him better than the listeners do.

U have all these guys now wondering if they’re that guy . And just for that I think she should wait for Valentine’s Day . LOL

Give him a Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy card.

Waiting isnt a bad idea but I think she should share the news at home now; more personal & intimate then celebrate on V-day.

I think it's an excellent idea. I don't think he'd be upset as long as she didn't tell a bunch of other people before him.

I don't understand why she even took a test without him knowing that it was a possibility.

Tell restaurant to bring a baby high chair to the table.

Finding out a week ago is no big deal if wants children then that news at dinner would be the icing on the cake what wonderful news on Valentine’s day she wasnt keeping anything from him that’s nonsense.

I being a guy don't think it’s a bad idea to tell him on Valentine's day but if he is that excited about having a baby I wouldn't have told anyone until he knows.

Tell him now and celebrate on Valentine’s day.

Bad idea to tell him on V day.

02/11/2013 9:17PM
V Day is Complicated Enough!!!
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