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Toast with the Most

Hopefully you learned an important lesson on today's show:  when giving a toast to the Bride & Groom at their wedding, it's best to go conservative.  If you're not a funny person, don't try to be with a live mic and a few drinks under your belt.

Here's a few examples from KRZ listeners of toasts that went horribly wrong.

Lesson learned?


I was at a college friend’s wedding where the best man not only called the bride the groom’s ex gf's name during the best man speech, but he was also later escorted from the reception by the groom’s father for trying to drink the water from the centerpieces.

My sister was my maid of honor. She was trying to be funny but wasn’t successful and by the end of her speech, people were asking why she was in our wedding if she hated us so much.

My best (male) friend had gotten married. I was the Bride's Maid (since I introduced them) and my buddy's obnoxious older brother was

Best man. He started out his toast ok, but then pulled a Cybil and mentioned when they both went to Tijuana and thought they got clap from 2 girls they picked up, only to find out they had bites from bed mites. The room got quiet and I had to jump in to stop him.

I was maid of honor in my sister’s wedding. I didn't make an embarrassing speech because I promised my sister but I proceeded to get really drunk and gave everyone lap dances!

My bro best man, said "not sure what that pastor was smoking".  My wife's family is very religious. Ummm did not go over well.

I went 2 a wedding earlier this year & the best man (which was the groom’s brother) got up 2 make a speech & was drunk & in his speech told everyone that he slept w/ the bride the day before the wedding!

Just went to a wedding where the best man talked about the bride being a reformed whore.  He talked about the time he and the groom took home these girls that turned out to be men and that he wanted to sleep with the bride’s sister.

I was at a wedding and the best man said in front of everyone that he and the bride were sleeping together for quite some time and then starts laughing and says oh I'm only kidding.  And then he says no really I honestly I would really like to have sex with the bride she's hot so if this marriage doesn't last I would really like to have sex with her.  She looks like she would be fun in bed!

As part of the best man speech he let it slip that the bride was pregnant.

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06/19/2013 5:33PM
Toast with the Most
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