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Tipping Is Not...

I remember as a kid seeing a white bucket at the car wash with a handwritten sign that read:  “Tipping is not a city in China.”  It was years before I got the joke!

As we wind down another year it’s time to THANK all the people that help you out on a regular basis. 

But what do you tip?  How much is enough?

In most cases, the cost of one visit (hairstylist, cleaning person, personal trainer) is cool.

The way I look at it is if they provide me with a service on a regular basis, like Art our snowplow guy or Dave the Mailman, AND do a good job, then they definitely deserve something extra at the end of the year.

This season is about GIVING not receiving. 

I can’t believe how many listeners this morning texted “I never get nothing, so I don’t tip.”  Wow!!!

Obviously, if you are on a tight budget, it can be difficult to tip during the holidays.

And if that’s the case, a card of appreciation or simple THANK YOU is enough.

I 'd love your take on holiday tipping.


Here’s what the financial website suggests:

Cleaning person:  the cost of one visit.

Dog Walker:  up to a week’s pay.

Hairstylist:  the normal cost of a visit.

Letter Carrier:  the U.S. Postal Service forbids carriers from accepting cash, and says gifts must be under $20 in value.

Newspaper Delivery Person:  $10 to $30 unless you tip regularly throughout the year.

Nursing Home Worker:  a personal gift like homemade cookies or fudge is a good way to thank someone.

Personal Trainer:  a tip of $50 or the cost of a session

Teacher:  consider giving a small gift, accompanied by a note or drawing by your child.

Trash Collectors:  $10-$30.

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12/06/2012 12:35PM
Tipping Thing
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