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Fishboy's Blog 

Thursday Night Fish Tale! Do You Have To Tell Your Friend Right Away Your Dating

Dear Fish.
My name is Abby. I'm from Poccono Mt. I'm hoping you can help. About a month ago my friend ended her relationship with her boyfriend because she wasn't happy and felt they didn't have anything in common. A week after they split I was out with a group of my friends and strange enough ran into him. We got along great and talked all night.We talked just about everything and my friend never even came up. After that night we hung out a couple times.Then just last week we decided to date. The only problem is we haven't told my friend yet. Do I have to do it right away or should we wait until she moves on? I mean she did dump him so I don't think I broke the friend code. What do you think?
Please Help

10/07/2010 11:54AM
Thursday Night Fish Tale! Do You Have To Tell Your Friend Right Away Your Dating Their EX?
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10/07/2010 3:56PM
Amanda Gannon
Fishboy, She should tell her friend because it would probably ruin there friend ship. she probably shouldn't have went out with him in the first place but its better to hear it from your friend then say on the bus or in the locker room or something because i know at my school, Pocono Mountain East Jr. high news travels real fast.
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