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Things you should NEVER Google

Here's the list of THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER GOOGLE we were talking about this morning. 

Ok, I admit it.  It's just like a car wreck.  You have to look.  But when you do, don't blame me.

And let me know, which of the 10 was the most disturbing.


DISCLAIMER:  Do NOT, under any circumstances Google the following.  You’ve been warned!

1.  CLOCK SPIDER.  What time is it?  Not time to Google this!

2.  TRYPOPHOBIA.  Don’t even think of doing a Google image search.  You’ll be sorry.

3.  ANY MEDICAL CONDITION.  Seek professional help.  Google will just scare the $%$ out of you and keep you from a good night’s sleep.

4. TETRIS FANFIC.  Really?  There is such a thing?

5. SNAPEWIVES.  Photos.  Blogs.  Videos.  Very disturbing.

6. COCONUT CRAB.  Sounds dilish, but it looks like something out of a 50’s Sci-fi.

7. MUCUS PLUG.  Those 2 words alone SHOULD keep you from Googling.  Go ahead.  I dare you!

8. BEDBUGS ON MATTRESS.  You will never stay in a hotel again.

9. SKIN CONDITION.  Especially while eating.

10. YOURSELF.  One time, in band camp…

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01/31/2013 10:55AM
Things you should NEVER Google
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