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The hottest band in the world - KISS!!!

Unbelievable! The KISS concert on Sunday totally ROCKED - went with Amanda, Tanya, and Nicki, and we were four of the happiest little Dominos this side of Detroit Rock City (those are KISS titles children – pay attention). When I was talking to the band before the show, Eric Singer commented on my authentic vintage concert tee from the Animalize Tour. He said “Cool shirt – ya know, personally that was my favorite tour.” Yeah? Well YOU’RE my favorite drummer, you sexy beeeeotch! :D And Paul said “pretty hair” which I can only assume was directed at me, unless he all of the sudden felt the urge to spontaneously comment on Tommy Thayer’s lather, rinse, repeat routine (which I seriously doubt). Those two compliments alone will give my self-esteem all the boosting it needs for the rest of eternity. I smile just thinking about it. Mad props to my girl Amanda who actually had the balls to tell Gene to stick out his tongue for their picture so they could compare!  Haaaaa!! Sweet. She and I were jacked up from the Rock-God contact high for a good two hours after meeting them. We seldom get star struck but I hafta admit – I was. Can’t believe we got to hang with Doc McGhee too AND I got a pic with him. (That might not mean much to you if you’re not a musician but trust me: Doc McGhee is the ultimate. He is the Holy Grail of rock management. You would never have heard of Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Skid Row, and countless other rock acts if not for him). Bottom line: KISS blew our minds - backstage was awesome, show was amazing, my girlie crew was a blast, a damn good night in NEPA for Lil’ Lissy Loo! Can’t wait to do it again :) 


08/18/2010 5:45AM
The hottest band in the world - KISS!!!
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