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The Pregnant Pumpkin Pageant IS ON!

2010 Pregnant Pumpkin Pageant Winner IS....

Stephanie Tutty

2010 Runner Up

Mommy's Midnight Cravings

Check out all the rest of the entries for the 2010 Pregnant Pumpkin Pageant by clicking here!

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10/05/2010 12:51PM
The Pregnant Pumpkin Pageant IS ON!
Please Enter Your Comments Below
10/10/2010 1:43PM
Does it matter what we do or is there a certain theme that we have to go with?
10/11/2010 4:13AM
how do I enter? I already have a pic of my painted belly I just dont see where to enter it at?!
10/11/2010 8:10AM
Try and do something pumpkin/halloween-ish!
10/11/2010 8:10AM
You'll be able to enter after 3 today! :)
10/11/2010 11:53AM
What are the rules for the contest? Also, the website doesn't let you enter anywhere. The link that says enter here does not do anything.
10/11/2010 12:35PM
please help! i wanna post my friend's gaga themed pregnant belly; how?
10/11/2010 1:52PM
Gabby Wiebel
it sucks that we have to enter contact info like our daytime phone number but i do not see where to enter my phone number i already entered my picture though.
10/11/2010 1:53PM
Gabby Wiebel
opps i ment to say it says that we have to enter contact info like our daytime phone number but i do not see where to enter my phone number i already entered my picture though.
10/19/2010 4:43PM
the phillies one is a weak imitation. the yankees one was at least original..
10/21/2010 3:35PM
I just want to say that one of then doesn't even look like it was looks like someone took a picture of their belly, uploaded it to the computer and copied a picture onto it that way...if they did the should fess up and take their photo off the site...its not fair to the girls who really did get their bellies painted!!
10/29/2010 1:25PM
You are kidding, right?
10/29/2010 1:43PM
connie johnson
In the rules it stated that the votes "on line", were primarily for "fun", and would not be the determining factor in choosing a winner. The rules said that the bellies would be judged. Did that actually happen?
12/04/2010 6:56AM
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05/01/2014 8:36AM
Pregnant Belly Lover
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09/30/2014 7:54AM
Contest Info
Entry for the contest isn't until October 6th so hold your pics till then. The rules I saw on their Facebook page! Good luck can't wait!
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