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The Mad Dash for Paci

I went to Long Island this weekend to visit one of my best friends, Dana, her husband Kevin, and their new little baby, Joelle Grace. The baby is such a little mush ball and I just can't get enough of her. I love her.  She is just a happy little 3 month old person who just hangs out and doesn't fuss and just loves being held. She just molds her tiny little body into yours and just hangs out. It amazes me how alert and strong she is . . . and how much eye contact she makes and has made from her first days. Dana and I hung out at their place with the baby and took a walk through the village they live in. (all of this before the evening's events of heart to heart girl talk accompanied by champagne fueled emotion) I give moms so much credit. Being "on" 24-7 is really quite an exhausting task and there are so many things to be constantly aware of when you have a little 10pound person to be responsible for. Joelle is such a happy baby and it really amazes just how quick her little pacifier calms her the second she starts to fuss. One thing I learned a long time ago (once people started trusting me with their babies and left them in my car) is that you never want to be "that guy" who the second the baby enters your arms, makes the kid cry. Before I get baby, I want a binky nearby. Just sayin.

 Forget the diaper genie, PACI's are the best invention - ever. For anyone in the presence of a little one, it's a necessity.  A lifeline.  A source of peace and quiet at times. It is often the only thing that will make the screaming stop.

That being said, I spent all of Saturday and some of Sunday jumping after, reaching for, and making a mad dash towards --- the PACI'S HEADING FOR THE FLOOR! That HALF OF A SECOND that you watch the paci go from BABY to the FLOOR is a crucial time where RAPID REFLEXES really come into play. Rapid reflexes combined with the baby in hand juggle is really key and sometimes you just CAN'T GET THERE.

 I get it now. That paci represents so much more than something to stick in the mouth of a baby. It's really a Mom's best friend. . . and once paci hits floor, baby needs a different one . . . and mom needs to sanitize paci that hit floor . . . so baby is PISSED  OFF without paci.

Typically in my single girl lifestyle, the only thing i'd really make such a mad dash for as it was about to hit the ground is my cell phone or my drink. With babies . . . the paci is most valuable tool to keep baby at peace and I reached for that stupid paci on it's journey to the ground atleast 50 times within 24 hours. Someone should invent a paci with a leash on it or some kind of magnet situation so that paci has less of a chance to reach floor.

I swear I am even experiencing some anxiety just thinking about the awful feeling of NOT GETTING TO THAT FREAKIN PACI IN TIME, time and time again.  I just want to keep baby happy and sometimes that is very hard to do when pacis are being cleaned in the microwave and baby wants to suck on one.

btw - Dana and I downed a few bottles of champagne and did what we do best, laughed and cried until 2:30 in the morning. It was the best.

Here are some pics from Joelle's first official photo shoot . . . ahh I love her! I mean really, shouldn't she be modeling little munchkin clothes sitting in a bath tub for the Johnson's people?!




10/19/2009 9:55AM
The Mad Dash for Paci
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10/19/2009 7:46PM
kimberly wozniak
she's BEATUTIFUL!!!!!!!! she looks like she is a happy baby
10/22/2009 1:45PM
Dana- the Mom/ Best Bud
Um . . . as a matter of fact they DO make a paci-leash . . . it's a little clip to attach to their shirt so when the paci exits her little mouth . . . it simply drops down to an easily accessible spot- unscathed. HOWEVER . . . the leash is navy blue andgreen . . . obviously it didn't match her outfit . . . priorities. LOVE YOU AA
10/22/2009 1:53PM
Aww Auntie Amanda! :) AA! The paci-leash must match or else we'll just settle for the mad dash for the paci!
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