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The 5 Texts You Should NEVER Send

Here's the list we were talking about this morning.  Learn it.  Live it.  This WILL BE on the test Friday.

1-- I think we should see other people. (Don't breakup via text.  Be a man and do it over the phone. :)  I mean face-to-face.)

2-- Will You Marry Me?  (Really?  A proposal?  She'll never see that one coming.  Go back to #1 and don't collect $200!)

3--  Anything longer than 2 sentences.  (Remember what else your phone does?  It works just like A PHONE!!!  Call the person.)

4-- Any text that requires an answer other than YES or NO.  (Remember what you learned in Rule #3?)

5-- A photo of your junk.  (Obvious, but it needs to be said.  Has there ever been a woman turned on by this?  If so, there's a line of guys that want your number!  And ladies, if you're guilty, there's a bunch of guys willing to give you THEIR number.)

That's the list.  Anything else?

As always, thanks for listening and reading...


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08/23/2012 9:50AM
The 5 Texts You Should NEVER Send
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