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Texting on The First Date

Lissa has a friend that was on a first date with a guy that texted DURING the date.  I was surprised when Lissa gave the guy some slack. 

Is this a deal breaker?  Does is mean he's not into you?

My take?  Unless the guy states up front that the reason he's on is phone is because he's got a sick family member, then I think the girl is getting played.  Who is he texting DURING THE DATE?  Bet the house.  It's another chick he's working.

And if it ever happens to you, call the guy out on it.  If he says "it's work", ask him what could be so important.

And guys...wouldn't the girl find you MORE ATTRACTIVE if your phone rang and you DIDN'T answer it?

What do you think?

Here's what a few of our listeners had to say.


I think it depends on how much he was on his phone and if he was completely ignoring her. The world is all online social media through phones. Maybe he was updating his Facebook to tell everybody was on an awesome date.

I think I would have said "Is everything okay?" When he says why I'd say bc you've been on ur phone.

I'm a female and i answered my phone because there was nothing to talk about and he didn't care.

He isn't into you. If I was her I would ask who he is texting and if he said "a friend" I would either do 1 of 2 things: I will say put the phone away this is a date and if he doesn't put it away I'll just walk away.

I'm newly back into dating after 5 years and I recently dated this guy who was on his phone all the time...rude!! Then I just went out with someone who ignored his phone even if it rang. Not everybody does it, and those who do are rude. Once you know somebody well and are comfortable with them that's fine but it doesn't make a good first impression!

I think texty guy is just a tool.  Run fast.  Run far!

Maybe it was friends of his texting him asking if he needs to get bailed out or not and he was answering them saying no I don't need to get bailed out I'm good

I agree with Rocky. If it was very important he should tell her up front. I would do that anyway

I think thats terrible...but thats the new generation of one talks anymore..glad I grew up in the late sixties. Have a great day!

No, he was either not into her, playing her, or is just a jerk. Probably all three.

01/24/2013 10:54AM
Texting on The First Date
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