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Teachers Back in the Day

Teachers back in the day could get away with a lot more than they can today.  I had a 4th Grade teacher named Mrs. Pause.  She was 4' 11", but didn't act it.  If she caught you talking in class you could expect 1 of 2 things to happen:  either she would sneak up behind you and whack you in the back of your head with her hand OR fling an eraser right between your eyes.

And on my Senior class trip in High School we spent 2 nights at a camp ground with cabins.  A few teachers acted as chaperones.  The "cool" English teacher that all the girls had the hots for actually went on a beer run for us!  Times have changed.

What did your teacher do when you were in school, that there is no way they would get away with today?

Here's what some of you had to say--

Have a GREAT weekend!

Hey guys when I was in high school (late 70's) we had a male teacher that had a stash of adult mags in his desk and he allowed us to browse the pics.  We also had another teacher that used smokeless tobacco and let us use it in his class.

A teacher from Central Columbia high school, Bloomsburg PA did pose for Playboy and I can’t remember for the life of me her name.....she was a centerfold and kids constantly posted the pics in hallways

A teacher @ Poc Mt high school around 94' was a Coors Light girl. Poster was in a beer distributor.

A teacher would place a metal garbage can over a student’s head and bang on it with a ruler.

My volley ball coach: "What's a matter with you? Do you have your period?" (when we didn't move fast enough!)

I had a teacher in high school that used to slap students on the wrist with a rubber spatula she called her “Lady Rubbermaid.”

Our electrical shop teacher gave me and a friend keys to his car countless times to go to Burger King for lunch as long as he got a vanilla milk shake.

When I was in 5th grade (early 80's), there was a kid that talked all the time (probably had ADHD looking back), and our teacher would make him wear a dog muzzle!

Joe S. sprayed me with a water fire extinguisher for asking to go to the bathroom.

Although it was only last year, a substitute came into our class and said he was drunk.

I graduated in 01 and I remember this was in junior high school I had a teacher if any females wore skirts in his class he would make them sit right in the front.

I had a teacher that would swear at kids and smack kids' heads together. He also would not let a girl go to the bathroom so she wet herself. This was 4th grade.

I graduated in 1990 and I had an English Lit teacher who was a stoner and often came to class stoned.

My 1st grade teacher took us on a "field trip." We went for a walk through the city to the bank so she could cash her check. We were told not to tell our parents, but in the 80s, apparently schools didn't keep track of us.

Our gym teacher.  If we were chewing gum in class we would have to put a piece of gum in a box and take an old one out and chew it for the rest of class.

I just graduated in 2008 and we had a teacher who would jump on kids' desks if they weren't paying attention.

My History teacher would bum smokes from students and go out for smoke breaks with students.

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08/24/2012 12:01PM
Teachers Back in the Day
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08/24/2012 1:21PM
Teacher posed for Playboy
Our English teacher in Junior High at Valley View also posed for Playboy. I actually heard Rocky and Lissa mention her name earlier today on the radio. 'Joanie rides the pony'. One day a kid brought a poster-sized picture of her centerfold into class and when she walked into the room everyone chanted "Joanie rides the pony" until she ran out crying. I kid you not. 100% true story right there.
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