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Talent that Make You Sexy

We found a survey online that said most women find “playing the piano” as the sexiest talent a guy can have.  True?  What about guys that talk into microphones?  Doesn’t that do anything for you?

Lissa called me out on it, but I find women that are athletic (throw like a guy) or use power tools, hot.

And you?

What talent do YOU find sexy in the oppositve sex?

Here’s what a few of you had to say this morning--

I had a chick dig me just because i would skate with her and her BF wouldnt... even though i sucked at it. Lol

A man that can make me laugh when I'm in the worst mood possible is sexy beyond belief

A man who irons his own clothes is sexy

I find it sexy when my man gets off the fire truck in bunker gear

A man who can sing!

A sexy voice like the man that does men's wear house commercials

My husband's a bowler I think it's so hot when he throws the ball down the lane, watching all his back and shoulder muscles at work, yummy!

My hubby plays the piano it’s hot but he is a construction worker :-) hot hot hot

Guy that is sweet sings & a jock- total high school musical- luckily my bf was a soccer player through High school & college and Prince Charming in his HS play

I think its attractive when girls can drive 5 speed cars and trucks

The talent I find sexiest in my boyfriend is his ability to cook

Chick who can handle a truck and women fire fighters :)

Girls who ride quads.

A great dancer.  It’s so sexy when a guy can dance!

A man that washes my dishes in silence.  Nothing sexier than that!

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01/07/2013 6:41PM
Talent that Make You Sexy
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